Thinking of traveling to exotic Georgia?

Not the one south of the Mason-Dixon line, but the one south of Russia? Now you can download the latest Lonely Planet guides to your iPad, Kindle Fire or Android device via Total Boox, including Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan. You also don’t have to fight your Read more…

Catalog interface has changed

A new enhancement to the online catalog makes it much easier to learn about our books, but makes it a little harder to find them. The trick is to shrink the “Novelist Content” box by clicking the little arrow.  See What is this Novelist Content and why can’t I find my book? in our slowly expanding FAQs for more details.



Adults can have fun too, really

Why should children and teens be the only ones to win prizes for reading? So, in case you missed it, the 2015 Adult Summer Reading Challenge has begun.  The Official Reading List and many of the books are available opposite the Circulation Desk as well as online.

Over $ 1 million Raised!

Over $1 million has been raised toward the library’s exciting transformation! The main building is being updated and renewed in order to meet the ever-expanding needs of patrons for decades to come. To see the plans and learn more about how you can help, visit:

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