It’s here!

Our new self-check machine has arrived and is happily checking out items in the front lobby. Besides looking nicer, it can also scan library card barcodes saved on your smart phones. We’ll be adding other features, such as book recommendations, over time. In other news, music Read more…

Scarecrow Festival Rescheduled to October 29 & 30

Due to all the rain we had last Saturday, the Scarecrow Festival Read more…

October Museum of the Month – Neuberger Museum of Art

Featuring artists from such exotic locations as Turkey, South Africa, Paris and Miami, Post No Bills: public walls as studio and source is just one of the current exhibitions at the Neuberger.  Our pass gets two adults in for free. Go to our Museum Pass page to reserve your visit.

You asked for it…

You got it! Now you can reserve space in one of our very popular rooms online. To learn more, go to the Reserve a Room FAQ. Or you can skip the middle man and go directly to the Reserve A Room page.

Jump ahead of your neighbors! Below are lists of books and dvds we've ordered but have not yet received. Click on "check our catalog" to place a hold. If you'd like a weekly email with updated orders go to the signup page, choose the categories you are interested in and enter your email.
Usual Suspects
Adult Fiction
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