Village Center Access Through Library Until Dec. 1

In order to get everything ready for our move on Dec. 8, ameliorative work is being done on the windows now. No programs will be cancelled during this period, but you must use the main Library entrance and then go through the Oresman Gallery to get in.

Storage already?

Eagle-eyed patrons may have noticed that the “status” of a lot of our items has changed to “storage” in the catalog. All this means is they are not available for holds. You can still come to the Library and check them out. As we get closer to Dec. 8, this will happen to more portions of our collection. See “read more” for a fuller explanation. Read more…

So you can’t stream Adele’s new album…

But you can download it from Freegal! Sure it will take a little over two weeks as Freegal limits you to five downloads a week, but it will be yours forever, and for free. While you’re waiting, you can stream all her other albums. If you absolutely hate Adele, don’t worry, there Read more…

Some questions we’ve been getting…

As the news spreads of our move to temporary digs in the Village Center, enough patrons have been asking these questions that we feel it necessary to make a post answering them. All are guaranteed genuine.

– Where is the Village Center anyway? Read more…

How to get news about the renovation

Transforming for Tomorrow is not an easy job: not for us, nor for you, our patrons. To make things simpler, we’ve made a special webpage where we will post tips, news, updates, and once the job starts, construction photographs and the like. We suggest you check out the first post there, Timetable (sorta) for relocation to Village Center. Read more…

Jump ahead of your neighbors! Below are lists of books and dvds we've ordered but have not yet received. Click on "check our catalog" to place a hold. If you'd like a weekly email with updated orders go to the signup page, choose the categories you are interested in and enter your email.
Usual Suspects
Adult Fiction
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Young Adult
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