We are back up and running

The fiber optic cable has been moved to its new location (pictured here) and all our services are back to normal (fingers crossed). Apparently, reconnecting a fiber optic cable is a difficult job in a dusty construction environment as a single speck of dust can ruin everything. Now that Read more…

Up on the ROOF!

Things got exciting this morning as a new air conditioning unit was lifted onto our roof. The energy-efficient unit will provide wonderfully comfortable cool air to the main library when we re-open this summer.

Museum of the Month – MOMA

Prove that April is not the cruelest month. Treat yourself to the Edgar Degas: A Strange New Beauty at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). We have two passes to MoMA and each pass admits 5 people (children 16 and under are free). Go to Read more…

This is why the front door book drop is closed…

There is nothing for the books to drop into. Also, even if the door is sometimes ajar, please don’t wander in looking for somewhere to return your books. It is only open because Read more…

Jump ahead of your neighbors! Below are lists of books and dvds we've ordered but have not yet received. Click on "check our catalog" to place a hold. If you'd like a weekly email with updated orders go to the signup page, choose the categories you are interested in and enter your email.
Usual Suspects
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