New Fine Policy (June 1, 2013)

Fines are a devilish business. On the one hand, as anyone who spends any time watching the Circulation Desk can see and hear, fines often dampen the good will people feel towards the Library. On the other hand, the Library wants its materials back undamaged and on time so other patrons can use them. The imposition of a fine, if it is collected, is a time–honored incentive to that end. Finally, fines are a not insignificant revenue stream for the Library.

At this time the Library has a high level of unpaid fines. Therefore, to encourage members of our community to meet their obligations, the Library’s Board of Trustees voted to reduce the maximum fine balance allowable from $25 to under $10. This new limit starts June 1, 2013.

To aid those patrons who travel light, without cash or check, the Board of Trustees has authorized the Library to accept credit card payments for balances exceeding ten dollars on a trial basis. However, we cannot process credit card payments for lost or damaged items belonging to other libraries.