About your card

New Library Card

See Getting a Card in the FAQ section to learn how to get this precious resource.

The main feature of your library card is the barcode and the 14 digit number it represents.  Although some hardy patrons have actually memorized their card number, they still need the actual card to check out things out.

Your card is valid at all the public libraries in Westchester County. So, if you are trapped in North Salem and must have a book immediately, you can go to the Ruth Keeler Memorial Library and check something out. Once you are done you can return it to any library in the County.

Here are some of the things you can do with your card:

  • Check items out
  • “Reserve” or “place a hold” on items. These terms are interchangeable. Basically, if we don’t own something (or our copy is checked out) but another library in the County does, “placing a hold” starts the process of getting that item sent here for you. If it is a very popular item, “placing a hold” adds your name to the waiting list for the next available copy (see the Catalog).
  • Download music, eBooks, eAudiobooks and magazines (see Downloadable eBooks).
  • Get access to all sorts of research materials you can’t find through Google (see Research and Online Resources).
  • Get passes to various museums in the metropolitan area (see Museum Passes).
  • Renew items (see the Catalog).
  • Other interesting things (See a reference librarian).

It is a good idea to have your card number handy when you call the Library. Although staff can look your name up, it delays the transaction and it also increases the chances of an error. If you’ve lost your card, it is a simple matter to replace it. Just bring proof of address and a dollar to the circulation desk. If you forgot your card, you can still check an item out out if you have proper id and you haven’t done the same thing within the calendar year. After that, every lookup will cost you a buck.

Card numbers “expire” automatically every three years. This is just so we can make sure we still have the proper contact information for you. Your card or card number won’t be replaced once the card is renewed.