Remote and Mobile Printing

If you know your email address by heart and you can get to the library within four hours (and we’re open), you can print almost anything from almost anywhere and from almost anything and at the same low cost (15¢ b&w and 35¢ color). There are three different methods provided by PrinterOn (courtesy of the Westchester Library System):

Printer IconFrom the web portal:


printeronApp iconVia an app for Apple, Android or Blackberry smartphones or tablets – see PrinterOn’s App Page for more information and links to download the apps.


printeronEmail IconPrint emails and attachments by sending them to one the following addresses depending upon which color option you want. You will receive a confirmation email when your job is ready for printing.

Some Caveats

  • When you are releasing your print job at the library, make sure you are actually getting what you want by clicking on the print preview icon on the far right.
  • Print jobs can’t be modified once they are submitted, i.e. you cannot decide to print only certain pages of a submitted job.
  • You cannot print Google docs directly. Download them onto your computer as a Word, .pdf, Excel or whatever and then print them. Here is a list of supported formats
  • If you print from a mobile device, the fonts are going to be larger
  • Be careful entering your email. You will need to reenter exactly whatever you typed in order to retrieve your job.
  • Jobs are deleted after four hours
  • If you are printing via email, the body of your email and any attachments are separate print jobs, but they are all going to be either color or black and white depending upon which option you chose.
  • Everything is 8.5 by 11. If you need to print something on legal-sized paper, you’ll have to do it the old fashioned way — at the Library.