More signs of the coming Apoc… er, Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is past, so we’ve pulled our Holiday Music collection out of storage and put it on top of our regular music collection. While the ever-popular Dr. Demento presents the greatest Christmas novelty CD of all-time is already checked out, don’t despair. There’s plenty more. We’re even holding two Charlie Brown’s Christmas in reserve. Or you can stream it from Hoopla. Consider Freegal too. For example Freegal has 10 (ten!) Johnny Mathis Christmas albums.

If this is all a little confusing, make an appointment for a one-on-one session with a librarian during a Tech Tuesday. If Tuesdays are no good, contact Liam Hegarty at 834-2281 x114 or to set up a time.

If the arrival of our Holiday Music display isn’t enough of a tip-off, LMC-TV has just released it’s annual episode of Know Your Neighbor dedicated to Holiday Books. The show features our own Director, Laura Eckley, as well as Mamaroneck Public Library’s Susan Riley. Watching it will be a half hour well spent, particularly if you’re looking for a book to give to that special someone or to that rich aunt in Poukeepsie you haven’t seen in years.