History and Social Studies

Online Resources

Kids InfoBits. Grades K-5. Complete with an engaging, developmentally appropriate graphic interface, reference content and magazines for elementary students, Kids InfoBits addresses the way kids learn and conduct research.

Elibrary Elementary – Look for books, magazines and more, all tailored for the younger audience. Covers a wide variety of topics.

Grolier Online. At home access and In–library use. Grades 3 and up. With over 55 million words, 50,000 websites, and several hundred thousand magazine articles, finding authoritative, age-appropriate and subject-specific information is easy. Users have access to award-winning databases, special features, multimedia presentations, an interactive atlas, dictionaries, and much more.


Kids.gov. Grades K and up.
Websites on current events, government, states, countries, maps, cultures in America.
Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids. Grades K and up.
Historical documents, symbols and, how our government works.
CIA World Factbook. Grades 5 and up.
Countries, maps, flags.
New York State Kids Room. Grades 2 and up.
Did you know that milk is the New York State beverage, or what the New York State Flag looks like?  Find out that and much more from the NYS Department of State.