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Larchmont Public Library Board of Trustees Minutes of Meeting, May 13, 2009




MAY 13, 2009

The Larchmont Public Library Board of Trustees met on at May 13, 2009at 6:30 PM.Present were Board Chair Miriam Curnin, Trustees David Birch, Pamela Dubitsky, Joan Macfarlane, John McGarr, Maureen LeBlanc, and Carolyn Parlato; Village of Larchmont Liaison Marlene Kolbert; Friends of the Library Liaison Harriet Kline and Library Director Diane Courtney.

The minutes of the Board meetings of April 15 and April 17, 2009 were unanimously approved as amended.The minutes of the Special Library Board Meetings of April 24 and April 29 were unanimously approved as presented.

Harriet Kline, Liaison of the Friends of the Larchmont Public Library, reported that the Friends had held its annual meeting the previous evening. Guests of honor were Miriam Curnin, Chair of the Library Board and Valerie OKeeffe, Supervisor of the Town of Mamaroneck.Among the actions taken the previous evening was an amendment to the bylaws to create a new office: Vice President for Communications.Jerri Finard and Sherri Devereux have agreed to co-chair this position. In addition, Ms. Kline noted that the Friends had presented twelve outstanding programs during this past season,most of which attracted one hundred or more attendees, and some more than two hundred attendees. The number of Friends memberships is approximately the same as in the previous year. Ms. Kline noted that the Magazine Subscription drive has not been as successful as in the past, although, as the campaign only started one month ago, there is hope that there will yet be an uptick in contributions.The big event of the evening was the presentation of an additional gift of $25,000 for the Childrens Room Renovationto Board Chair Curnin. This brings the Friends total gift to the Childrens Room Renovation $75,000 and makes the Friendsthe largest contributor to the renovation.The Board expressed its deep gratitude to the Friends for this munificent gift and for the myriad activities the Friends undertake which improve library services to the community on an ongoing basis.

The schedules of bills dated May 6, 2009 and May 13, 2009 were unanimously approved upon motion by Carolyn Parlato, seconded by David Birch.

The Board received the budget performance report dated May 6, 2009. It also received the list of bank statements as of 4/30/09 and an update on the list of transfers, some of which were made after the bank statements were issued. In response to questions, the Director reminded everyone that the Childrens Room Renovation bills are being handled in the following manner: the checks are cut from the Villages capital account, which is later reimbursed from the Childrens Room Renovation Fund capital account.The inevitable time lag between payment and transfer and the additional work this method engenders will cease on June 1, 2009 when the bills will instead be paid from a new capital checking account created specifically for the Childrens Room Renovation Fund.Trustee McGarr will follow up with the Village Treasurer on the methodology for funding the new account.

The Director reported that all windows in the Village center except those in the rear have been removed in accordance with asbestos abatement regulations and with minimal disruption to the Library staff, the French-American School and St. Augustines (The window caulk had tested positive for asbestos.) The window in the main stairwell will remain as is. That lintel and surrounding brickwork requires attention but will become a project separate from the Childrens Room renovation. The windows that were removed are currently covered with plywood, but cinder blocks have been purchased and will be used to fortify the first floor windows, both to achieve better security and in preparation for the electrical work to be done.

The specifications for that electrical work are complete, but there is an insurance question from our attorney that must be answered by Village Treasurer Brucciani before the bid package can be finalized.

The Director had met with Werner Tietjen earlier in the day to discuss the fire alarm system for the main library and he promises a proposal within a week. It is his opinion that the library should not experience any service disruptions when the work ensues. The new system would have adequate capability to phase in the Childrens Room and Village Center as construction there permits.

The Oppenheimer CCAP grant is still at the Village Attorneys office.

The Board then received a discussion paper about the HVAC design for Tech Services and the Village Center.The option suggested by both the architect and the MEP engineer is to use a split systems approach that would eliminate the need to replace aging equipment now or in the near future when the refrigerant it uses is phased out. It would be far more cost-effective to take this approach now, when the walls and ceilings are open, than at a future point after these items are restored. Further, there are considerable energy and environmental benefits to be realized; this would be a milestone in the Villages quest to reduce its carbon footprint. Addedbenefits include higher ceilings in the Village Center (an outcome that is highly desirable), and improved temperature/humidity comforts. After extensive discussion the Board concurred with this recommendation and asked the Director to contact Dominic Calgi immediately so that a revised cost estimate could be created. Board Chair Curnin will confer with the Mayor to discuss this and related funding issues.

The Board considered a proposal from architect Richard Hein. In light of the need for re-design he has offered to credit half of the fees paid him back to the Library. In addition, a new fee schedule must be defined. All agreed that Mr. Hein has given unstintingly of his time and has been extraordinarily mindful of the needs of the Library and wonderful to work with. The Board suggested a minimum and capped amounts that would be dependent on construction costs or, if he prefers, a fixed fee of $225,000.Board Chair Curnin will discuss these options with Mr. Hein to ascertain his preference.

The Board unanimously declared surplus and of $0 value 1 Dell Monitor, serial number MY-07753T-46632-05V-20R1.

At 8:15 PM the Board adjourned to Executive Session to discuss personnel issues and reconvened at 8:30 PM.The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM. The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board will be June 10, 2009.

 Respectfully submitted,

 Diane Courtney