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Larchmont Public Library Board of TrusteesJuly 7, 2009



JULY 7, 2009

The Larchmont Public Library Board of Trustees met on July 7, 2009 at 9:30 AM.

Present were Board Chair Miriam Curnin; Trustees Carolyn Parlato, Maureen LeBlanc, Joan Macfarlane and Pamela Dubitsky; and Library Director Diane Courtney.Bill Devine,and Mari Mitarotonda, both from Library Interiors,were also present.

The Board chose paint colors from selections that had been made by the staff committee.

For the older children, the Benjamin Moore color 201550 was selected; for the younger, the Benjamin Moore color 201560 was chosen.Placement of the trees was discussed and finalized.

All chair and table legs will be brushed aluminum, and wood finishes will be honey maple.

The tables for the younger children will have red vinyl (VT04) edges; all chairs will have red glides. Tops will be honey maple colored laminate.The colors of the 6 chairs will be as follows: clover 104, Aztec red 110, (quantity 2) French blue 111, and tangerine 116 (quantity 2).Each chair will feature a separate cutout: frog, owl, dragonfly, squirrel, butterfly, bunny.

For older children, the tabletops will be ocean blue with wood-laminate borders. Chairs will be honey maple. 8 of the chairs will be solid; 8 will have tiger cutouts.

Computer carrels for older children will be green (fern 46) withblue (ocean 105) writing surfaces and shading.The chairs will be blue solid, with blue glides.

Bill Devine suggested that single faced stacks near the activity room are less efficient; Diane to check feasibility of changing to double-faced with engineer.

At this point, 11:45 AM, both Bill Devine,and Mari Mitarotonda left, and the Board turned to its regular agenda.

The schedule of bills dated July 7 was distributed. Upon motion of Carolyn Parlato, seconded by Joan Macfarlane, the Board unanimously approved paymentof those bills.

The Director noted that the CCAP grant has not yet been submitted to the state and reported on recent e-mails from the state regarding both potential grants. It is especially heartening that the second may still be viable. A discussion about the grants ensued, and Maureen LeBlanc made the following resolution, which was seconded by Carolyn Parlato:

Resolved, that the Library shall enter into the Grant Disbursement
Agreement with the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York under the
Community Capital Assistance Program to receive funds for the renovation
and purchase of furniture and equipment for the Children's Room, and the
Library Director is authorized and directed to execute and deliver the
Agreement to the Dormitory Authority, and

It is further Resolved, that any and all steps taken to date by the
Library Director in connection with the execution and delivery of the
Agreement are hereby authorized and ratified.

The motion passed unanimously.

The Board considered a proposal from Hillman and Miley Consulting Engineers for structural engineering services for the children's room/village center renovation for the amount of $21,500.After discussing the past services Kevin Miley has performed for the Library, and the work necessary for this project, Pamela Dubitsky made the motion to accept the proposal as submitted. This was seconded by Joan Macfarlane, and passed unanimously.

The Board set a meeting date of July 21st, 9:30 AM for the next Board meeting, which both Richard Hein and Dominic Calgi will be expected to attend.It also instructed the Library Director to notify architect Richard Heinand Construction Manager Dominic Calgi that it would like to receive e-mails detailing the previous week's progress and anticipated timetables every Monday by close of business to ensure that we meet the August 15 deadline for the construction documents.Moreover, should either have any need to meet with the Board at any time in order to make decisions or otherwise expedite the process, the Board will convene between scheduled meetings as needed. Such meetings will, of course, be noticed and comply with existing statutes.

The meeting adjourned at 12:35 PM.

Diane Courtney

Library Director