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Larchmont Public Library
Board of Trustees

Minutes of Meeting
July 14, 2010

Larchmont Public Library Board of Trustees met on July 14, 2010 at 6:30 PM. Present were Trustees David Birch, Jennifer Jordan Conley, Pamela Dubitsky, John McGarr, and Joan Macfarlane; Friends of the Library Liaison Harriet Kline, and Library Director Diane Courtney.

Trustee Birch called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM. The minutes of the Board meeting of 6/9/10 were unanimously approved as presented upon motion of Joan Macfarlane, seconded by Jennifer Jordan Conley. The minutes of the Board meeting of 6/11/10 were unanimously approved as amended upon motion Joan Macfarlane, seconded by Jennifer Jordan Conley.

Harriet Kline reported that the Friends newsletter has been printed and is in the mail; she provided a sample of the issue. Ms. Kline noted that the newsletter contains an article that discusses three programs for the fall:

Ms. Kline noted that Wendy Raso has morphed the longstanding Friends Pajama Story Time program into a new event, called "Evening Story Time." Unlike the older program, which was offered weekly, this will be presented twice in a summer and each will have a theme. The first was held on June 28. The theme was "camping" and attendees got to make that old campfire favorite, s'mores, albeit with an electric fondue pot in lieu of a campfire. A good time was had by all.

The Board thanked Ms. Kline for her report and noted that the programs sound wonderful.

The Board reviewed the schedules of bills dated 7/7/10 and 7/14/10. After some discussion, the motion to approve the bills was made by John McGarr, seconded by Pamela Dubitsky. The motion passed unanimously. The Board received the performance report dated 7/7/10 and the year-end performance report for FY 2010.

The Director reported that the stairwells and elevator floor are virtually finished: (workers were completing the project during this meeting.) The self check is working well, which has been a boon, since the Library has seemed busier than ever this summer.

The Board received a letter from Sandra Fish praising the Larchmont Public Library for its service, hours and book collection.

Continuing the prior months discussion about the front columns, the Director reported that replacement of the columns will require approval and work by a structural engineer. Furthermore, there is rot in some of the balustrades, and potentially in the portico and area above. Two of the balustrades had been replaced ten years ago with sustainable mahogany. After some discussion, the Board agreed that the proper way to proceed is to have the front of the Library examined as one project, with all options, including fypon and other materials, explored. There was a brief discussion of possible costs. The Board agreed that this project cannot be undertaken until there is an alternate means of ingress and egress to the library–which means after the Childrens Room is opened. The Board agreed that this topic should be tabled until that time.

The Board discussed the Childrens Room renovation project and received an update on its progress. Trustee Dubitsky noted that she has a small committee that will work on a reception for adults: September 16 has been chosen as the tentative date. Among the invitees will be those who donated at or above the $2,500 level. After a brief discussion about this and other opening events, Joan Macfalane moved to allocate funds from the Board Restricted Trust fund for a sum not to exceed $10,000. Pamela Dubitsky seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. It was noted that the amount allocated is higher than the anticipated actual costs.

The Board considered responses to two proposals: one for recarpeting the main floor, the other for providing new rubber flooring on the ramp leading to the Childrens Room. Four companies bid on each of the proposals. After reviewing the bids, the Board unanimously awarded the recarpeting project to Country Carpet, the low bidder, for the amount of $25,460 upon motion of John McGarr, seconded by Jennifer Conley. The Board voted unanimously to award the rubber flooring project to Country Carpet, the low bidder, for the amount of $6,927 upon motion of Pamela Dubitsky, seconded by John McGarr.

The Director explained the new fee structure for WLS Technology Services. Instead of being predicated on number of terminals, the new calculations will take into account a variety of factors, of which the number of terminals will only be one. Other factors will include size of collections; number of cardholders; net number of items borrowed from other WLS libraries. The majority of libraries will pay less than they are currently paying, therefore it was no surprise that PLDA approved the plan, as did the WLS Board of Trustees. Larchmont, which did not vote in favor of the plan for reasons other than just cost, will end up paying about 20% more for the services by the time the plan is fully implemented in 2014. The Director noted that one inadvertent result of this plan may be to homogenize the collections of the libraries in Westchester over time; as a county, we had boasted what was arguably the most heterogeneous collection of titles in the State. However, as libraries feel the pain of paying to borrow best sellers, it is perhaps inevitable that they will direct more of their book budgets to these rather than to the long tail items. John McGarr queried whether WESTLYNX fees would be subject to any property tax caps if any are enacted; the Director said this had not been discussed and promised to inquire.

The Director discussed the need for assistance with publicity for the opening of the Childrens Room. With the retirement of Nancy Donovan slated for the end of July, there is not adequate time to request, get and canvass the civil service list for the public relations title and conduct the interviews necessary to fill the position. Therefore, the Board considered a proposal from Geoffrey Colquitt to provide marketing/PR services to the Larchmont Public Library for the opening of the Childrens Room for the sum of $2,250. John McGarr made a motion to accept this proposal and authorize the Library Director to expend up to a total of $4,000 (should additional services be needed) for this purpose. The motion was seconded by Pamela Dubitsky and passed unanimously.

Upon motion of Jennifer Conley, seconded by Joan Macfarlane and approved unanimously, the Board adjourned to Executive Session at 8:25 PM to discuss an employees leave request and pending litigation. Motion was made in Executive Session by Pamela Dubitsky, seconded by John McGarr to grant a library employee an extended unpaid leave of absence for medical purposes from July 19 though November 1, 2010. The motion passed unanimously. Motion was made in Executive Session by John McGarr, seconded by Pamela Dubitsky to deny grievance of an employee. The motion passed unanimously.

The regular meeting reconvened at 9:05 PM and was adjourned at 9:10 PM.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board will be September 15, 2010 since the regular meeting date--the second Tuesday of the month--conflicts with the observance of Rosh Hashanah.

Respectfully Submitted,

Diane Courtney
Library Director