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Larchmont Public Library
Board of Trustees

Minutes of Meeting
November 10, 2010

The Larchmont Public Library Board of Trustees met on November 10, 2010 at 6:30 PM. Present were Board Chair Miriam Curnin; Trustees David Birch, Jennifer Jordan Conley, Pamela Dubitsky, Maureen LeBlanc, John McGarr,and Joan Macfarlane; Village Liaison Marlene Kolbert; Friends of the Library Liaison Harriet Kline, and Library Director Diane Courtney.

The meeting was called to order at 6:40 PM. Board Chair Curnin announced her decision to retire from the Board, effective December 31, 2010. She has asked Mayor Mandell to appoint Pamela Dubitsky as the new Board Chair. The Board expressed its congratulations and support to Trustee Dubitsky, and noted that Miriam has accomplished a huge amount during her term. In addition to her giving selflessly the many hours demanded of Board Chairs, she had undertaken the successful and extraordinarily time consuming--renovation of the Childrens Room. Everyone expressed their thanks and best wishes to Board Chair Curnin.

The minutes of the Board meeting of 10/13/10 were unanimously approved as amended upon motion of David Birch, seconded by Joan Macfarlane.

The schedules of bills dated 11/01/10 and 11/10/10 were unanimously approved upon motion of John McGarr, seconded by Jennifer Conley. The Board received the performance report dated 11/01/10. Trustee McGarr reported that, as promised at the last meeting, he had met with the Village Treasurer to determine how to prevent confusion with accruals in the future and they agreed that the Library would receive quarterly balance sheets and a list of accruals at the end of the fiscal year. These steps should provide the necessary clarifications.

Harriet Kline reported on upcoming Friends programs: on November 14, author Eric Pooley will speak about climate change; M&M Productions will present the play Jakes Women on December 5; and Susan Bell, local resident and author of When the Getting Was Good will speak on January 9. The Friends also hope to book David Fitzpatrick, author of Facebook Effect, for a future program. The response to the Larchmonts first-ever StoryWalk, in which local merchants display pages of a childrens book, in this case Caps for Sale, in their windows during the month, has been fantastic. More than 40 merchants wished to participate in November; since all could not be accommodated, another is planned for the spring. The Friends also evaluated the Museum Pass program: initiated last year, it is at the halfway point and has done reasonably well although additional publicity is recommended. Other upcoming activities the Friends are planning include the writing of a short history of the Friends (to be posted on the website), and a drive to get e-mail addresses of all members of the Friends, after which they will institute e- mail blasts about Friends programs, thus reducing printing and mailing costs while introducing targeted publicity. The Board thanked Ms. Kline for her report.

The Director reported that the public seems very pleased with the new Childrens Room and discussed some of the numerous details that still need to be addressed. These include work on the existing staircase floors, heating and lighting details, signage, punch list items, security and the donors plaques. A brief discussion ensued.

The Board considered a list of items for discard with a value of $0. Upon motion of John McGarr, seconded by Joan Macfarlane, the Board voted unanimously to discard the three items.

The Board reviewed and discussed the WLS Information Technology Fund Agreement and the WLS Service Level Agreement. During a lengthy discussion, a number of questions and concerns were raised. The Director was asked to invite the WLS Director to the December meeting so the discussion could be continued. In addition, the Board asked that the WLS IT and the WLS budgets be e-mailed to them prior to the December meeting.

The Board convened into Executive Session at 8:30 PM to discuss performance of an employee and reconvened at 9:15 PM.

The meeting adjourned at 9:20 PM. The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board will be December 8, 2010.

Respectfully Submitted,

Diane Courtney
Library Director