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Larchmont Public Library
Board of Trustees

Minutes of Meeting
Date: May 9, 2012

The Larchmont Public Library Board of Trustees met on May 9, 2012 at 6:30 p.m. Present were: Board Chair Pamela Dubitsky, Trustees Jennifer Conley, Lauren Gottfried, Maureen LeBlanc, John McGarr, and Iven Taub. Also present were Library Director, Laura Eckley; Town of Mamaroneck Liaison Jaine Eney; Friends of the Library Liaison Fred Baron.

Board Chair Dubitsky called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m

The Board reviewed the Minutes of the Board Meeting of April 11, 2012. The Board approved the Minutes as presented upon motion of Trustee Gottfried, seconded by Trustee McGarr. The Board passed the motion by unanimous vote.

The Board reviewed the Minutes of the Special Board Meeting of May 7, 2012. The Board approved the Minutes as presented upon motion of Trustee Gottfried, seconded by Trustee Conley. The Board passed the motion by unanimous vote.

Friends of the Larchmont Public Library Liaison Report (Fred Baron)

Friends Liaison Fred Baron reported that the Friends held their last board meeting of the year on May 8, 2012. At the meeting, the Friends approved $4,150 in additional funding for summer and fall children's programs and the young adult summer reading program. The Friends funded the $3,500 cost of the report, proposal and work estimate from West Lake Conservators for the Library's WPA paintings. Liaison Baron reported that there was also a discussion about holding a fundraiser for the Friends of the Library, although no decisions were made.

Committee Reports

Finance and Budget Committee (Trustees LeBlanc and McGarr)
Trustee McGarr reported that Board Chair Dubitsky and Trustees LeBlanc and McGarr met with Town Assessor Susan Thomas to discuss the most recent sewer tax bill received by the Library which was considerably higher than the bills received in prior years. Ms. Thomas explained that the increase resulted from the updating and expansion of the Children's Room, as well as updates to the building in previous years, which increased the assessed value of the Library.

Buildings and Grounds:

  1. Façade Project
    Library Director Eckley reviewed the progress of the Façade project. In particular, she reported that the decorative portions of the columns were removed on May 4th, revealing structural deficits in the underlying support beams which necessitated their replacement with steel beams. She also reported that the substantial completion date for the project had been extended to June 1st, in order to accommodate several change orders. Following the recommendation of Calgi Construction Management, the Board agreed to close the library on May 11th to allow for the safe installation of the new decorative columns.

    After discussion, Trustee McGarr made a motion, seconded by Trustee Taub, to approve the following resolution: Resolved, that the Board of Trustees of the Larchmont Public Library (the "Board") hereby approves a proposed change order to the façade project contract between the Larchmont Public Library and Maximus 1, dated March 2, 2012, to paint the fagade and adjoining walls as described in such change order for the amount of $22,567.75, which authorization is contingent upon Maximus I satisfactorily completing the project set forth in the March 2, 2012 contract (including the change orders approved during the May 7, 2012 Special Meeting) by June 1, 2012.
  2. Garden Club Project (Trustee Gottfried)
    Trustee Gottfried reviewed the progress of the Garden Club project to improve the librarys landscaping. In particular, she reported that the Garden Club is still waiting for responses to its "call for proposal" letter to landscape architects.
  3. Children's Room Renovation Fund Closeout (Director Eckley)
    Library Director Eckley reported that all of the additional furniture and other Children's Room items, previously approved by the Board, have been ordered and most have been delivered. She indicated that the following items remain outstanding: digital signage displays (scheduled for installation on May 11th), new soft furniture for the gazebo (ordered, but waiting on delivery), and replacement of the elevator lights (scheduled for May 11th). While all of the furnishings have been ordered, Board Chair Dubitsky stated that due to the Pella window leaks, the Children's Room Renovation Fund cannot be closed by May 31, 2012, the end of the present fiscal year and the original target date for its closure.
  4. Pella Windows (Director Eckley)
    Library Director Eckley reported that due to ongoing leakage associated with the new windows installed in the Childrens Room and Village Center, the library has invoked its warranty with Pella. Pella plans to hire a water testing company to test the windows and determine the source of leakage.

    Director Eckley also reported that Quest Environmental conducted testing of the staining on the walls under the windows, as well as the quality of the air in the room. While the library has not yet received Quest's final report and remediation plan, it appears that the remediation will be contained. Once the final report is received, Ms. Eckley will obtain estimates on remediation for Board consideration.

    Director Eckley also reported that the odor in the Village Center appears to be coming from a build–up of mold in the intake vent of the ventilation system. The intake vent is located in a shady area at the back of the library, which gets little air circulation, and the HVAC engineers believe the location of the vent is to blame for the mold. After discussion, Trustee Gottfried made a motion, seconded by Trustee Conley, to approve an expenditure of $3,000 to have the Village Center ventilation ducts cleaned and air filters changed. It was also agreed that the engineers involved in the Children's Room renovation would be contracted to explore the possibility of moving the intake vent. In the meantime, the area around the vent will be cleared and gravel will be put down in its immediate vicinity.

Schedule of Bills/Performance Report

The Board reviewed the Schedule of Bills dated 5/2/12 and 5/9/12. The Board approved the Schedule of Bills as presented upon motion of Trustee McGarr, seconded by Trustee Taub. The Board passed the motion by unanimous vote.

The Board received the Performance Report dated 5/2/12.

Director's Report

Library Director Laura Eckley reported that CSEA, the library union, has until 5/11/12 to respond to the amended Library Handbook.

Director Eckley reported that the first monthly e-newsletter was sent out on 4/27/12 and was well received by the community. 37% of recipients opened the email and only 1% opted out. A high percentage of recipients "clicked-through" on at least one of the links embedded in the email. Director Eckley noted that the email section of the librarys privacy policy needs to be changed to reflect the use of a third-party in sending these monthly e-newsletters.

Director Eckley reported that West Lake Conservators conducted an onsite inspection of the Librarys WPA paintings by Thomas Donnelly. They have proposed to clean and repair the paintings at a cost of $6,500 each, plus travel expenses. The library will apply for a Hudson Heritage Foundation grant to defray some of this cost.

Director Eckley reported that she has interviewed two candidates for the part time public relations assistant position and that she anticipates having a decision by June 1, 2012.

The Board approved the Unattended Child Policy that Director Eckley previously circulated upon motion of Trustee Taub, seconded by Trustee LeBlanc.

Director Eckley reported that a local business has asked for permission to use historical photos in the library's possession. As part of this request, the library would scan the photos and make them available to the business for its use in decorating. After some discussion, the Board approved the request and agreed to begin charging fees of $25 per scanned photo for businesses and $10 per scanned photo for individuals.

Executive Session

The Board entered Executive Session to discuss personnel matters at 8:32 p.m. The Board concluded Executive Session at 9:10 p.m.

Upon motion by Trustee LeBlanc, seconded by Trustee Conley, the Board unanimously agreed to pass the following resolution: Resolved that Paul Doherty, shall be promoted from Librarian I to Librarian II upon his successful appointment to the Civil Service Librarian II list.

The Board approved the following salary increases for its non-union staff, effective June 1, 2012: June Hessler - 2%, Linda Ronahan  1.5%, and John O'Malley  1.5%.

Board Chair Dubitsky adjourned the meeting at 9:15 p.m. The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board will be held on June 13, 2012.

Respectfully Sumbmitted,

Maureen F. LeBlanc
Member and Acting Secretary
Board of Trustees