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Larchmont Public Library
Board of Trustees

Minutes of Meeting
Date: September 12, 2012

The Larchmont Public Library Board of Trustees met on September 12, 2012 at 6:30 p.m., attended by Board Chair Pamela Dubitsky (PD), Trustees Jennifer Conley (JC), Lauren Gottfried (LG), Maureen LeBlanc (ML), John McGarr (JM), Maureen Moriarty (MM) and Iven Taub (IT), Village Liaison Marlene Kolbert (MK), Town of Mamaroneck Liaison Jaine Eney (JE), Friends of the Library Liaison Fred Baron (FB), Library Director Laura Eckley (LE) and Assistant Director June Hesler (JH).

Board Chair Dubitsky called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m

The Board reviewed and unanimously approved the Minutes of the Board Meeting of June 13, 2012.

Friends of the Larchmont Public Library Liaison Report

FB reported that the Friends approved an additional $3,500 for the restoration of the WPA paintings and $500 for the Intrepid Museum pass. LE added that the Friends' magazine subscription drive yielded a contribution of $3,000. PD thanked the Friends for their continued generosity.

Committee Reports

Finance and Budget Committee The Board reviewed the FY2012 final budget performance report. ML noted a number of items, including that, due to unfilled staffing positions, $89,000 was added to the surplus, and fine collection was down significantly.

Buildings and Grounds:

  1. Façade Project: LE reported that the project to repair the façade of the library (columns and balustrade) has been completed and all necessary certificates issued. The total project cost $204,740, well below the initial estimate of $261,000.
  2. Garden Club Project: PD thanked Garden Club member Gina La Pore for maintaining the four flower pots at the entranceway to the library, and thanked the Club members for their work in the garden over the summer. The Club members are refining the design for improving the gardens in the front of the library. Board members reviewed landscaper designer Catherine Wachs' preliminary drawing which includes seating areas, additional paths and upgraded lighting. The Board agreed upon goals of more open space, easy maintenance and creating a community destination, and authorized PD, LG and LE to approve the final design.
  3. Pella Windows: The question of who is responsible for repairing/replacing the leaking windows is still being addressed by the library's attorneys. The lawyers are communicating with the bond surety company.
  4. WPA paintings restoration: LE reported that the library has received a $7,500 grant from the Hudson Heritage foundation, with additional contributions from the Larchmont Yacht Club ($1,500), the Olsson family ($2,500) and the Friends ($3,500) (in addition to $3,500 donated by the Friends for the preliminary report), so that all costs for the restoration have been paid for by donations. The Board expressed great appreciation to these donors for their generosity.
  5. Technology: LE, JC and Reference Librarian Liam Hegarty Conley met over the summer with three web site designers. Upon their recommendation, the Board approved Fredi B. Design to redesign the library's website. LE and John O'Malley received proposals from three phone system providers over the summer. Upon their recommendation, the Board approved NuSound Telecommunications to provide the library with new equipment and an automated phone system.

    Trustee McGarr made a motion, seconded by Trustee Conley, to approve the following resolution, which then passed by unanimous vote: Resolved, that in order to fulfill the Library's mission of providing its patrons with excellent and efficient access to information, $20,000 from the Library Capital Fund for Computers/Technology (95-7) shall be designated for the following capital improvement projects: (1) to replace the phone system and equipment, the Board of Trustees of the Larchmont Public Library (the "Board") hereby authorizes Laura Eckley, Library Director, to enter into a contract with NuSound Telecommunications to install an automated phone system at a cost not to exceed $11,000 (contingent upon discussions with the Village regarding its phone system) and (2) to improve and update the librarys web site, the Board hereby authorizes Laura Eckley, Library Director, to enter into a contract with Fredi B Design to completely redesign the library's web site at a cost not to exceed $9,000.

Schedule of Bills/Performance Report

The Board reviewed the Schedule of Bills dated 7/9/12, 7/13/12, 8/7/12, 8/10/12, 9/5/12 and 9/12/12. After discussion, the Board unanimously approved the Schedule of Bills. The Board then reviewed the Performance Report dated 9/5/12.

Director's Report

LE reported that the summer was very busy, with many patrons using the librarys services. The summer reading games for children and teens were very successful and LE thanked the Friends for their financial support of the games. The staff is establishing a new teen advisory board consisting of local teenagers. The staff was very busy with numerous projects over the summer, and is currently undertaking an extensive collection development project, weeding and ordering new materials in the periodical, large type and fiction collections.

Additional Items

The Board unanimously approved the hiring, start dates and salaries of the following:
Kathleen Purcell, Public Relations Assistant, part time, 9/5/12, $26.22 hourly
Marca Grant, Children's Librarian I, full time, 9/10/12, $54,262 annually
Carol Angert, Librarian II, Part time, 8/27/12, $30 hourly, $32 Sunday hourly
Mary Ann Minozzi, Part time Librarian I, 9/4/12, $28.42 hourly, $30.12 Sunday hourly
Emily Martin, Part Time Library Clerk, 10/1/12, $12.08 hourly
Tami Harris, Part Time Library Clerk, 10/1/12, $12.08 hourly

The Board unanimously approved a salary increase to $14.08 for part time library clerk Vincenza Gallo, based on her extensive experience, value to the institution and increased responsibility.

A Patron Rules of Behavior Policy is being developed by IT, LE and JH to be presented for approval at the October Board Meeting.

Executive Session

The Board unanimously voted to enter into Executive Session to discuss personnel matters at 8:05p.m. The Board exited the Executive Session at 8:37p.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40p.m. The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board will be held on October 10, 2012.

Respectfully Sumbmitted,

June Hesler
Assistant Director