Q – I have some old books and other stuff I’d like to donate to the Library. Do you accept donations?

A – As a general rule, we don’t accept anything but gently used DVDs and children’s books.

Q – Why not?

A – Space. Space is so tight we pretty much have to discard something old everytime we add something new. Also, we don’t have sufficient office space to process donations.

Q – So what should I do with these books?

A – Here’s a partial list of local organizations that accept donations. Be aware that things change, and that some of the organizations listed only accept things on a seasonal basis so you should double check before showing up with a carload of old books.

  • Goodwill – Next to Shoprite on Palmer Avenue, New Rochelle. 633-0964. They’ll take all books, except old encyclopedias and marked-up textbooks.
  • Salvation Army – 562 North Ave., New Rochelle, 636-5616. No Encyclopedias
  • Vietnam Veterans of America Will pick up books, textbooks and magazines. Must schedule a pickup online or by calling 800-775-8387.

If you know of some more organizations which should be added to the list please email Librarian Liam Hegarty at

Q – So you absolutely will never take any books under any circumstances?

A – We are flexible people. If you have a fresh copy of a current bestseller, we’ll be glad to take it. For example. at one point in time, All the Light We Cannot See had 420 holds in the County of which 22 were Larchmont patrons. Even though we already owned 15 copies of the book, we would have gladly taken another to cut down on the wait time for out patrons. On the other hand, we do not care to add another book to our Gone Girl, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo or The DaVinci Code mountains.

Q – I have stacks of currency (unsorted), bonds, stock certificates and sundry ingots. Would the Library be interested in these items? They aren’t books.

A – Contact our Library Director, Laura Eckley,, 834-2281 x115, immediately.

Q – Anything else?

A – We will accept donations of some items of local interest, such as a Mahiscan that fills a gap in our collection (i.e. before 1937, 1939–1943, 1945–48, 1950–51, 1955, 1960, 1962, 1964, 1971–72, 1978–85, and 1988–1993). Please contact Librarian June Hesler,, 834-2281 x 107, before you bring anything down. Also gently used DVDs and children’s books.