Downloadable eBooks, etc. FAQ

Q – I need help with a technological problem. Can the Library help?

A – Sign up for one of our one-on-one, non-judgmental Tech Tuesday sessions. We can help you get started downloading books, audiobooks, music, movies and more. While the sessions focus on Library services, we’re willing to take a stab at anything else. If Tuesdays are no good, call the Information Desk at 834-2281 x.3 or email and we’ll work something out.

Q – I’m going to the Library to get help downloading stuff to this #%WERF$! device. What should I bring?


  • Bring the #%WERF$! device unless it’s your home computer.
  • Bring all the passwords. If someone else has set up your device for you, you’ll need to get the password etc. from them. Most tablets and phones require that you enter a password before you can install an app. This is usually different from the password you use to unlock the device.
  • Kindle ebooks are mediated by Amazon. You’ll need your amazon id and password in order to borrow a kindle-formatted eBook.