Downloadable eBooks, etc. FAQ

Q. I’ve upgraded to IOS 7 and it’s really cool. However, now Overdrive doesn’t work. What do I do?

A. As of Sept. 20, the solution is to uninstall Overdrive and then reinstall it. However, this reinstall will cause the user to lose their bookshelf, history and app settings. Additionally, the device will need to be reauthorized with Adobe. Overdrive says it is working on a fix, but this is the only solution for now. Here is a link to Overdrive’s post about the problem.


Q – I’ve been trying to sign up for Zinio. I got the confirmatory email saying I was signed up, but I’m still not getting anything. What gives?

A – There is a link you need to click on in the email to verify you are actually the person signing up for the program. The email is a little confusing because there are two links on it. You need to click the very long link at the end of the email (see the example below).


This screenshot if very small, but it shows you where the important link is. You don’t really need to know what it says.