Upcoming Art Exhibits

January, 2018


January 3 - January 30, 2018

PAPER PERFECTIONISM features works derived from traditional Chinese paper-cutting techniques and integrates drawing and cut patterns into pictorial collages. These artworks depict figurative representations, mostly through the portraits of women and children in their intimate and frozen moment, which address femininity and childhood memory. Selected images are printed on porcelain plates, which serves to translate iconic motifs to decorative installations.

The exhibit will be on display in the Gallery from January 3 through January 30.

February, 2018

16 SEASONS A YEAR – Photography by Tapani Talo

February 2 - February 27, 2018

During Talo’s late wife’s (Judith Feder) battle with cancer from year 2001 onwards to 2010, while taking care of home and children, he started to focus and be aware of each moment in the day which was very differently from the one he had as a busy New York City professional architect.

This daily awareness developed sensitivity to seasonal patterns and colors opened compositions; colors that we normally do not think of. Tapani Talo has continued the seasonal,  daily study since – for 16 years – with different aspects and emphasis of nature and location all within Westchester, NY.

This show marks the 50th anniversary of Talo becoming a semi professional photographer, which started with his role as a Press Photographer in 1967 for newspapers about Rock and Roll in Helsinki, Finland.