Getting a library card

Who gets a Larchmont Public Library card?

You are entitled to a Larchmont Public Library card if you live in the Town of Mamaroneck or the Village of Larchmont. You are also entitled to a card if you work or go to school in the unincorporated portion of the Town of Mamaroneck or the Village of Larchmont and do not live anywhere else in Westchester. If you live elsewhere in Westchester, you must get your card there even if you have always used us and like us very much.

Mailing addresses are not always dispositive. For example, some of our patrons have Scarsdale mailing addresses. Go figure. Anyway, here is a link to the official Town of Mamaroneck Street List which we use to determine if you are eligible for a Larchmont Public Library card. If your address is listed as being in the Village of Mamaroneck, then you go to the Mamaroneck Public Library for your card. If you can’t find your address at all, then try the Westchester Library System’s Interactive Map to figure our which library serves you.

What sort of proof do I need to bring?

You need two things: 1) photographic id and 2) proof of residence or, if you don’t live anywhere else in Westchester, proof of employment or schooling here. So, for example, a New York Driver’s License would serve both functions as it has your photo and your address on it. A passport or an out-of-state license and a bill or lease will work as well. The passport or license proves your identity and the bill proves your residence. If you go to school, work or live with someone in Larchmont or the Town you need to fill out the aptly named Employment/Residendence/School Verification form and get it signed by the appropriate person.

Any more paperwork?

Yes. You also need to fill out the Library Card Registration form. Note: At the bottom there is a portion of the form that says “for staff use only.” Just be aware that the bit on the top called “Barcode number” is also for staff use only.