Museum Passes FAQ

QWhat is the program?

A– Free admission to 14 (as of now) museums ranging from the Guggenheim in the City to the Discovery Museum and Planetarium in beautiful Bridgeport, CT.

QWho can use the program?

A– Any adult Larchmont Public Library cardholder in good standing i.e. with no lost items and aggregate fines under $10.

QHow do I reserve a pass?

A– Go to the Museum Pass page. Find an open date and museum. Click on the yellow “Request Reservation” box and follow the prompts. Below is a screenshot illustrating some of the important features of the Reservation page:


Q – When do I get the pass?

A – You can pick your pass up the day before your scheduled visit, and you must return it the next day the Library is open (this usually applies to holidays and summer Sundays).

QHow far in advance can I reserve a museum visit?

A– 45 Days. Use the calendar on the top right to pick a date.

QWhy don’t you have the Metropolitan, MOMA, etc.?

A– Not every museum participates in programs such as ours. Others are prohibitively expensive.

QOnce I reserve a pass, what do I do next?

A– During the reservation process, you should have printed out the page with the heading “Your Reservation Reservation [sic] is complete.” You will also need the Library card you used to make the reservation. Take them both to the Reference Desk and the librarian will give you your pass.

QI don’t have an email address. Does that mean I can’t get a free pass?

A– Not at all. Just call the Library (during our business hours) and ask for Reference. The Librarian will book your date for you.

Q Who can pick up the pass from the Library?

A– Ideally, the person who made the reservation will bring the printed confirmation page and their library card to pick up the pass. If someone other than the person who made the reservation comes to pick up the pass, they must have either the library card used to make the reservation or the printed confirmation page. No matter who picks up the pass, though, the person who made the reservation is responsible for its timely return, etc.

QHow many people can use each pass?

A– This varies from Museum to Museum. Click on the “Reservation Details” link to the right of the Museum’s name to find out.

QHow do I cancel or change a reservation?

A– If the reservation is more than 24 hours ahead, use the “my passes” link on the right hand side of the Reservation page. Within 24 hours of your visit you need to call Reference (834-2281) or email us at Note: it is important that you cancel because an open reservation blocks out a pass for up to three days.

QDo I need to enable cookies and disable popup blockers?

A– Yes. If you do not want to do so, you can make a reservation by calling the Library (834-2281) during regular business hours or emailing us at Be aware, however, that someone might go online and book the date you are interested in before we can manually enter it in for you.

QWhat is the difference between a “pass” and a “reservation?”

A– Not much really. I think we only need to use this if we go back to “pass details.”

QWhat do I do with the pass after my visit?

A– Bring it and the plastic case it came in to the Reference Desk. Do not put it in the bookdrop.

QWhat happens if I return a pass late?

A– You will be charged $10 for each day overdue. After five days you will be charged the replacement cost of the pass, which could be up to $500 plus a $25 fee. Keep in mind, too, that the person who made the reservation is responsible, not the person who picked it up.

QCan I return the pass in the bookdrop?

A– No. You will be charged $10 if you do. The books in the drop are often a jumbled mess. We are worried a pass might somehow disappear.

Q -I lost the pass. Now what?

A– We will charge you for a replacement pass plus a $25 fee. The replacement cost varies from museum to museum but can be as high as $500.