World Book -WEBWelcome to the branch of the Library which never closes. You can use these pages to search and read thousands of newspaper, magazine and scholarly journal articles and hundreds of reference books. But wait! There’s more! You can also learn a language, organize a job search and study for tests like the GED or MCAT too.

Although many of these resources are geared towards students conducting research for papers, etc., there are also plenty of resources useful for more “adult” pursuits such as choosing a dishwasher or settling a heated barroom arguments about logical positivism or the date and substance of the Variety advertisement soliciting auditions for the Monkees.

If, however, you want to actually hold a magazine in your hands, here is the list of periodicals we have at the Library. If you have a Larchmont card and want to look at an entire magazine online, use Zinio to access our 40+ subscriptions.

A note about access: If you are within the warm, gentle embrace of New York State, many of these databases don’t require anything special to use them. Some may need just a card number from any Westchester County public library. Others require a Larchmont Public Library card number and are marked with an need a Larchmont card to use. If you are travelling outside the Empire State, try using the number from your New York Driver’s License or official Non-driver Photo ID. If you want some laughs, see our bumbling attempt to explain this cockamamie “geolocation” system in the FAQs.