Reserve A Room FAQs

Q – What kind of spaces are available?

   A – We have three rooms, free of charge, that are good for individual studying, tutoring, small meetings and the like. We have two other spaces that can be rented for larger events. The Michael P. Coords Activity room seats 33 or “stands” 100. The Village Center can seat 110 or it can fit 330 standees.

Q – Where are the rooms?

A – Two of the rooms (a 10 person conference room and a four person tutor room) are off the Technology Commons on the Library’s main floor. The other four person tutor room is on the top floor next to the elevator. The Michael P. Coords Activity Room adjoins the Children’s Room. The Village Center is at the rear of the Library and has a separate well-marked entrance.

Q – What are the allowed uses?

   A– For the two larger spaces, see the Facilities Use Policy. For the three smaller space, a better question would be, what isn’t allowed? Rooms can be reserved for book groups, business meetings, quiet study, tutoring, telephone interviews, and so on. The only forbidden activities are selling things and fundraising. You can plan your fundraising drive in one of the rooms, but you can’t sell “Free Keanu Reeves” balloons out of them.

Q. Are they free?

A. The three smaller rooms are available for no cost. Rental fees are charged for the larger spaces plus renters must provide insurance. See the Fee Schedule and the Facilities Use Policy for details.

Q – So how do I reserve a room?

A – Go to our Reserve A Room page and choose the room you wish to use. Then follow the prompts. You will be able to choose date and time during the process.

Q – How long can I reserve a room for?

A – Rooms are available in hour blocks

Q – How far ahead can I reserve a room?

A – You can reserve a room from one day ahead to six months in advance. If you need to reserve the Michael P. Coords Activity Room or the Village Center more than six months in advance, contact Dennis Brucciani, Jr. ( 834-2281 x112).

Q – What if I need a room today?

A– It’s first come, first served for the Conference Room or the Tutor rooms if they are unreserved. We post the daily schedule on each door. The two larger spaces must be reserved at least one week in advance.

Q – My plans have changed and I need to cancel my reservation. How do I do that?

A – There is no way to cancel a reservation via the online booking system.Smaller rooms, please notify Reference by calling 834-2281 x.3 or by emailing and we will cancel it for you. There is a fee for the larger spaces if the reservation is cancelled within one week of the event.

Q– How often can I reserve one of the smaller rooms? and can I use a room for more than two hours?

A – Right now we have a basic rule for the Tutor Rooms and the Conference Room – Don’t be a hog. If we need to make more specific rules, we will.

Q – What about food and drink?

A – Drinks are allowed in the Conference and Tutor Rooms, so long as they are covered. Eating is not allowed at any time, not even tiny little snacks. See the Facilities Use Policy concerning food and drink in the larger spaces.

Q – Where did you get the reservation program? It seems over complicated.

A – The program was made by the Heights Libraries in Northern Ohio. They have more than one branch and multiple meeting rooms which are rented out. They made a program which works for them, but graciously made it available for free. Since free is good, we are gratefully using their work.