W through X

Each image of a star indicates how many bookgroups have selected the title. No image of a stars means the book has only been selected once. Non-fiction titles are in Bold. Children’s titles have a juv after the title and Young Adult titles have a YA .

Author Title
Wagenstein, Angel Farewell, Shanghai
Walbert, Kate The Gardens of Kyoto
Walbert, Kate Short History Of Women
Waldman, Amy The Submission
Waldman, Ayelet Love and Other Impossible Pursuits
Walker, Rebecca Black, White and Jewishimage of a starimage of a star
Wallace, David Foster Brief Interviews With Hideous Men
Wallace, David Foster A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again
Wallach, Janet Desert Queen
Wallach, Janet Seraglio
Wallance, Gregory Two Men Before the Storm
Wallner, Michael April in Paris
Walls, Jeanette The Glass Castle image of a starimage of a starimage of a starimage of a starimage of a starimage of a star
Walls, Jeanette Half Broke Horsesimage of a star
Walls, Jeanette The Silver Star
Walter, Jess Beautiful Ruinsimage of a starimage of a starimage of a star
Walter, Jess The Financial Lives Of Poets
Ward, Jesmyn Salvage the Bonesimage of a star
Ward, Rachel Numbers YA
Warren, Robert Penn All the King’s Menimage of a star
Wasserstein, Wendy The Heidi Chronicles and Other Playsimage of a star
Waters, Mary Yukari The Laws of Evening
Waters, Sarah Tipping the Velvet
Watson, Larry Montana 1948image of a starimage of a star
Watson, S.J. Before I Go to Sleepimage of a star
Waugh, Evelyn Brideshead Revisited
Waugh, Evelyn The Loved One
Waxman, Sharon Loot
Weber, Katherine Triangle
Wecker, Helene The Golem and the Jinni
Weisgall, Deborah A Joyful Noise
Weiner, Jennifer Goodnight Nobody
Wells, H. G. The Invisible Man
Welty, Eudora The Optimists Daughterimage of a starimage of a starimage of a starimage of a star
West, Kasie Pivot Point YA
West, Morris The Shoes of the Fisherman
Wharton, Edith The Buccaneers
Wharton, Edith Collected Stories
Wharton, Edith The Custom of the Countryimage of a starimage of a star
Wharton, Edith Ethan Frome
Wharton, Edith House of Mirthimage of a starimage of a starimage of a starimage of a starimage of a star
Wharton, Edith The Mother’s Recompense
Wharton, Edith Roman Fever and Other Stories
Whitaker, Robert The Mapmaker’s Wifeimage of a starimage of a starimage of a star
White, E.B. Trumpet Of the Swan
Whitehead, Colson The Intuitionist
Wiesenthal, Simon The Sunflower
Wiggins, Marianne Evidence of Things Unseenimage of a star
Wilder, Thornton Our Town
Wildgen, Michelle You’re Not You
Wiles, Deborah Countdown juv
Wilkerson, Isabel The Warmth Of Other Sunsimage of a starimage of a star
Williams, Niall Four Letters of Love
Willis, Sarah Some Things That Stay
Wills, Garry What Jesus Meant
Wilson, Jonathan A Palestine Affair
Wilson, N.D. Leepike Ridge juv
Wilson, Robert A Small Death in Lisbon
Winchester, Simon The Professor and the Madman image of a starimage of a starimage of a star
Winik, Jay April 1865
Winn, Marie Red–Tails in Love
Winspear, Jacqueline Maisie Dobbs
Winthrop, Elizabeth Counting On Graceimage of a star
Winthrop, Elizabeth Island Justice
Wodehouse, P.G. Carry On, Jeeves
Wodicka, Tod All Shall Be Well, All Shall Be Well
Wolfe, Thomas Look Homeward Angel
Wolfe, Tom From Bauhaus to Our House
Wolfe, Tom I Am Charlotte Simmonsimage of a star
Wolfe, Tom The Kingdom of Speech NF
Wolff, Mishna I’m Down
Wolff, Tobias Old Schoolimage of a star
Wolff, Tobias This Boy’s Life
Wolitzer, Meg The Interestings
Wolitzer, Meg The Ten Year Map
Wolitzer, Meg The Wifeimage of a star
Wood, Monica Any Bitter Thing
Woodhead, Lundy Shopping, Seduction and Mr. Selfridge NF
Woodruff, Lee In an Instant NF
Woodruff, Lee Perfectly Imperfect NF
Woodruff, Lee Those We Love Most NF
Woolf, Virginia Mrs. Dallowayimage of a starimage of a star
Worth, Jennifer Call the Midwife
Wouk, Herman The Caine Mutiny
Wright, Camron Steve The Rent Collector
Wright, Jason F. The Wednesday Letters
Wright, Lawrence Going Clear NFimage of a star
Wroblewski, David Story Of Edgar Sawtelleimage of a star
Xinran Sky Burial