Want to become an exhibitor?

Below is all you need to know to exhibit your work here at the Larchmont Public Library. This information is also available as a downloadable .pdf file. Once you’ve read the materials, you can start the application process online. We’ve also broken out the application into a separate .pdf file which you can print out and mail in.

Gallery Policies & Guidelines

GOALS: The use of the library gallery shall reflect the library’s role as an educational and cultural institution, presenting a balanced program of exhibits in all suitable media that feature both local artists and exhibits of merit from outside the community. As the gallery is the first “museum” experience for many children, exhibits must be appropriate for all ages. All exhibits are free and open to the public. There is no charge to the artist to exhibit although donations to the library are welcomed. Artwork must meet the standards of the Gallery in order to be considered for exhibit.

RESPONSIBILITY: The scheduling of exhibits shall be the responsibility of the Library. The Library shall make the decision about suitability of artwork and the location of the exhibits, taking into account the needs of the Library and other exhibitors. The decision of the Library shall be conclusive and not subject to review. The Library assumes no liability for damage or theft.

ELIGIBILITY: Any person, group, or organization may apply to use the gallery for purposes beneficial to the community, but within the limits of State laws specifically forbidding the use of the facility: a) by partisan political groups or for partisan political purposes or b) by religious groups or for religious purposes or c) by commercial organizations or for profit-making purposes. Preference may be given to residents of the Sound Shore area.

PRESENTATION REQUIREMENTS: ALL artwork must be framed, but does not need to be behind glass. Framing must have wire across the back with which to hang the art and the wire must be substantial enough to hold the weight of the art. Artwork submitted to the library for exhibit without frames will not be accepted.

APPLICATIONS: Applications must be submitted to Geoff Colquitt at the library in writing on the official application form, preferably via email. Applications MUST include a current email address in addition to phone number. Arrangements for approved exhibits will be facilitated by the library. Samples of the art to be exhibited must be provided with the application. Samples may be presented at the library in person or they may be emailed to Geoff Colquitt along with the application. The Library will determine when the Gallery is available and will notify the applicant. The Library reserves the right to determine whether or not the proposed exhibit meets the standard for the Gallery.

SPACE AVAILABLE: The Oresman Gallery is on the lower level of the library building. The gallery is approximately 47-feet in length and is on a slight incline. The walls on both sides of the gallery have fabric-covered wood panels into which nails are hammered to hold the artwork. There is also a picture rail which may be used to hang heavier pieces using monofilament. Exhibits may be solo, two exhibitors or a group. The Library reserves the right to assign exhibitors as to month and shared exhibits.

EXHIBIT DURATION: Exhibits are planned for one calendar month except for July and August when one show will stay on display for two months. A hang date will be arranged with the exhibitor(s) as close to the beginning of the month as convenient. The date for removal of the exhibit will depend on the hanging date of the incoming exhibit, but generally is the last day of the month. The exhibitor must retrieve their work on the date agreed upon as the library has no storage area. All items on display must remain through the agreed-upon date.

INSURANCE: Exhibitors will be required to sign a release of liability at the time of the exhibit since items on display in the gallery are not covered by the Library’s insurance through the Village of Larchmont. It is suggested that exhibitors procure a “floater” policy through their own insurance company covering the period of the exhibit.

SIGNS: Exhibit title signs will be made by the library. If the exhibitor wants to display tags with each art-work, the exhibitor may create the tags and affix them to the gallery panels. No adhesive substance may be used to affix tags to the panels.

SALE: The library does not participate in the sale of artworks. A price list may be left with the exhibit. A prospective purchaser must contact the exhibitor directly to arrange a purchase, keeping in mind that the artwork must remain on display until the exhibit is concluded.

Publicity Information

The Larchmont Public Library would like to help you publicize your art exhibit and reception, should you choose to have one, to local media. In order to accomplish this, we need your help.

Please send the following information AT LEAST TEN WEEKS PRIOR to the opening of your exhibit via email to the art exhibit coordinator, Geoff Colquitt, at gcolquitt@wlsmail.org or by mail to Geoff Colquitt, Larchmont Public Library, 121 Larchmont Avenue, Larchmont, NY 10538. If sending materials by regular mail, please send AT LEAST TWELVE WEEKS PRIOR to the opening of your exhibit to allow time in the mail.

  • At least one digital image (two images are preferable) of a work that is representative of the art that you will have in the exhibit. JPEG, TIFF, EPS and PDF files are all acceptable and images should be high resolution (300 dpi). Please include the title for each image and what medium it has been created in.
  • The title, theme AND opening and closing dates of your exhibit as scheduled with the Library. Should you have a website, please include its URL as well. Indicate whether you are hosting a reception and what date/time your reception will be held (See Reception Information below).
  • A short biography of yourself. This should include where you reside, what got you interested in art, what medium or mediums you work in, how long you have been an artist, where you studied art and who or what your major influences are. Please also include any pertinent information about any awards or citations and any significant gallery or museum shows in which your art was on display. (Maximum 1000 words).
  • Any additional information about yourself and/or your exhibit that you think is relevant.

Thank you in advance for your help. We look forward to promoting your exhibit.

Reception Information

Receptions may be planned for gallery openings on specified Saturday afternoons from 2:30 to 4:00pm or on a Monday or Thursday evening from 6:30 to 8:00pm, and must be open to the public. Once an exhibit date is agreed upon, the exhibitor may discuss possible dates for a reception with the Library’s art exhibit coordinator. If there are two artists exhibiting in a given month, a combined reception may be planned.

All Exhibitors are asked to adhere to the following:

  • As there are no kitchen facilities available, all refreshments must be fully pre-prepared and unheated.
  • The exhibitor(s) shall provide a tablecloth, paper goods and all food at their own expense.
  • A 6-foot table will be provided. Any additional arrangements must be discussed with the art exhibit coordinator.
  • Smoking is NOT allowed anywhere in the library building.
  • Time and date of the reception will be included in exhibit publicity if agreed upon prior to public relations deadlines.
  • The exhibitor shall pay for any custodial help required after the reception (minimum of two hours). It is understood that under normal circumstances this will not be necessary. However, at the discretion of the library the exhibitor will be expected to pay for any clean-up deemed inordinate.
  • Respect for a traditional library atmosphere (quiet, clean and orderly) must be maintained at all times.


SIXTEEN SEASONS A YEAR – Photography by Tapani Talo

February 2 - February 27, 2018

During Talo’s late wife’s (Judith Feder) battle with cancer from year 2001 onwards to 2010, while taking care of home and children, he started to focus and be aware of each moment in the day which was very differently from the one he had as a busy New York City professional architect.

This daily awareness developed sensitivity to seasonal patterns and colors opened compositions; colors that we normally do not think of. Tapani Talo has continued the seasonal,  daily study since – for 16 years – with different aspects and emphasis of nature and location all within Westchester, NY.

This show marks the 50th anniversary of Talo becoming a semi professional photographer, which started with his role as a Press Photographer in 1967 for newspapers about Rock and Roll in Helsinki, Finland.

The artist will host a reception on Saturday, February 10, from 2:00pm to 4:00pm in the Oresman Gallery. The reception is also free and everyone is welcome.

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