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3M Cloud Library?

3M Cloud Library? Another source for eBooks? Isn’t it confusing enough already? What does 3M have to do with books? We’ll explain why later, just be aware that many of the “hot” titles are available there now or with a minimal wait. Take The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney, for example. In Overdrive, Larchmont patrons will have to wait for at least five patrons to finish the book and that is a short wait because we have already bought two copies. Patrons of other libraries may have to wait for 25 patrons to finish one of the eight copies the Westchester Library System purchased. In 3M, the wait is eight days.  In Overdrive you’ll have to wait for 9 other people to finish the two copies of Pierce Brown’s Morning Star, but in 3M you can read it now.

Which devices can use 3M books?

  • 3M books are in the EPUB format. That means any device can use them except black and white Kindle ereaders like the Paperwhite. Kindle Fires (color) can install software allowing them to read EPUB books.

How do I find it?

How does it work?

  • 3M has a pretty good How It Works page. Basically there is an app you install on your tablet, smartphone or computer (if you are going to download to a black and white screened ereader like a Nook or Kobo).
  • Since 3M works differently depending upon the type of device and computer operating system you have, it is pretty much impossible to have a class. However, we are happy to show you how it works on an individual basis. Stop by the Reference Desk and we’ll show you. Or contact Librarian Liam Hegarty whegarty@wlsmail.org, 834-2281 and we’ll figure out a specific time.

Who can use 3M?

  • Eight libraries banded together to get it and only their patrons have access. The libraries are Larchmont, New Rochelle, North Castle, Mount Pleasant, Chappaqua, Scarsdale, Greenburgh and White Plains.

I just learned how to use Overdrive. Does this mean Overdrive is not going to be used any more?

  • Overdrive is not going away. The Westchester Library System is still buying books for it and we will keep doing so too although in a more limited fashion.

So why did we get 3M?

  • Economics
    • Short explanation – we can get more books for the same amount of money
    • Long explanation – depending upon the publisher, eBooks can be very expensive. For example, one publishing house charges up to $90 for the use of one copy of an eBook for two years. Unless it is a very popular title, individual libraries are unlikely to buy eBooks under these conditions because that kind of money can be better spent on additional hard copies etc. In Overdrive, if the Larchmont Public Library buys a book, only Larchmont cardholders can use it. In 3M however, any patron of the eight participating libraries can check a book out no matter who purchased it.  That way, we at Larchmont Public Library will be more likely to purchase a less popular, but still expensive, eBook because we know it will be used. It is hoped that if we buy, for example, an expensive science fiction book, Greenburgh will buy an expensive mystery. That way patrons of both libraries benefit.
  • It’s easier to use.