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Automatic renewals are here!

Do you keep accruing library fines because you forgot to renew your checkouts? Well, we have good news – the Westchester Library System has introduced automatic renewals! This seemingly simple concept is multi-layered so please read the following Q&A section to better understand just how the new process will work. In effect now, your eligible checkouts will be renewed automatically. The key word here is eligible. Your items which are eligible for automatic renewal may vary, depending upon what library they were checked out from, if the item(s) have holds, item type (Express, DVDs, etc.)

Q – How does this all work?

A – Three days before an eligible item is due, the library system will attempt to renew it for another loan period. The renewal will start from the due date, not the date it was renewed.

Q –  What is considered an eligible item?

A – Some items are not eligible to be renewed because of what they are, i.e. Express items or Interlibrary Loan items from outside the Westchester Library System. Other items cannot be renewed because of other circumstances, i.e. they have already been renewed once, or there is a hold on the item.

Q – What about items from other libraries? Will they be automatically renewed?

A – This depends on where you check them out, not where they are from. Even if your item comes from a library that is not using automatic renewals, if you check their item out in Larchmont, it will automatically renew if otherwise eligible. The converse is true as well- if you check out a Larchmont book at a library that does not offer automatic renewals, it will not renew automatically.

Q – Which Westchester libraries are activating automatic renewals?

A – We do not have an exact list of participating libraries. Should you want to know, please ask the library where you checked the item out from (not the owning library) directly to inquire.

Q – How will I know if something has renewed or not?

A – If you have signed up for email notices, you will get a notice three days before the original due date indicating whether the item is due or if it has been renewed.

Q – What if I haven’t signed up for email notices?

A – Patrons who use telephone or text notifications can check their account via the online catalog. Don’t forget, your PIN # is most likely the last four digits of the telephone number attached to your library card. You can also call us here at the Library and we will reset it for you. Our number is (914) 834-2281.

Q – How do I sign up for email notices?

A – Stop by the Circulation Desk next time you’re in the Library and we’ll set it up for you.

Q – I tried to renew a book online and it told me to wait until some date? Does this automatic renewal have something to do with it?

A – Yes. You can’t renew things online until they are within the three day window before the due date. If this creates a difficulty for you, call the Information Desk (834-2281 x.3). They can use the top secret Librarian Interface to override the restriction.

Q – If something doesn’t automatically renew, does that mean it can’t be renewed at all?

– No. An item might have a hold on it which would prevent an automatic renewal. Once the hold gets filled then the item can be renewed. However, you would have to do it yourself. It won’t happen automatically.

Q – Huh?

A – Let’s say you’ve checked out the 2003 edition of The Da Vinci Code. Although there are 64 copies in the County, everyone has seen the movie so the books are rarely checked out anymore. This means you are the only person to have checked the book out and there are 63 copies on the shelves in the County. Three days before the due date, the system will attempt to renew it. However, some yahoo in Bedford has placed a hold on Bedford’s copy because they are going to pick it up the next day. That means the system won’t renew your copy because there is a hold on it. The next day, Bedford pulls their copy and puts it on the hold shelf for the yahoo. Once that happens there is no longer an unfilled hold on The Da Vinci Code preventing you from renewing yours. Clear as mud, isn’t it?

Obviously this can be confusing. If you are not sure just ask us. Call the information desk 834-2281 x.3 or email us at larchmontlibrary@wlsmail.org.