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Beyond the Haiku

There’s a scene in the TV show, Seinfeld, when Jerry starts off a joke by saying, “What’s the deal with Ovaltine?” The reason why this seemingly dull statement garners a chuckle is because chocolate milk isn’t something we think about too often. We know it exists and we’ve sipped it before but beyond that, it’s just something we might have in the fridge. There is a similar sentiment with poetry- what’s its deal? It’s the year 2020 and everyone is worried that people aren’t reading as much anymore- but is anyone ever actually reading poetry? The answer is yes! A resounding, enthusiastically poetical yes! We have been ordering lots of new poetry books in preparation for National Poetry Month in April. Poetry has evolved within the past few years- it has readjusted its themes, messages and overall feeling to reflect new political climates as well as telling the stories of those who often go unheard.

Here is a small list of some of those recent orders for you to peruse. Remember- you don’t have to be ‘into’ poetry to read or admire it and we encourage you to give it a shot! At least try one before April!