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Come see the eclipse

There are proper ways to see an eclipse and there are improper ways. At the Larchmont Public Library we are going to do it the proper way. Interested patrons should gather at the southwest corner of the Library at approximately 1:23pm on August 21. We will have

pin-hole projectors, a limited number of proper eclipse glasses and other ways of experiencing this rare phenomenon. We are even going to try to project the eclipse onto the side of the library using the Children’s Room’s telescope http://www.larchmontlibrary.org/site/telescope-lending-program/.

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to never look directly at the sun. Permanent eye damage can result. The purpose of this program is to make sure everyone enjoys the eclipse safely. Children are welcome and encouraged to come, but this is not an event for children. They must be supervised by an adult.

We have 49 pairs of eclipse glasses purchased from a vendor recommended by NASA and the American Astronomical Society. These glasses are easily scratched. Once that happens they will not protect your eyes. Therefore we are not giving the glasses away, but are making them available for use here during this eclipse. If we have more than 49 attendees, everyone will have to share. Note: we purchased 50 pairs, but yours truly scratched one opening the box. Sorry.

Finally, since it is only a partial eclipse and scientists have assured us the moon will definitely release its grip on the sun anyway, the Library does not intend to conduct any ceremonies or rites to ensure the sun’s return to full strength. Patrons are welcome to conduct their own should they feel the need, however.