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Come sit on our Iron Throne!

Unlike Cersei Lannister, you won’t have to murder everyone in sight to do so either. Still, there is a wicked little thrill once you settle in. “I try to sit in it at least once a day,” said Library Director Laura Eckley. “I find it puts me in the right frame of mind for staff meetings.”

“I don’t know about staff meetings,” said Hand of the Director and Head of Reference Liam Hegarty, “but Laura’s been a ball of fire these past few days.”

“All I know is that little folk like me need to keep their heads down in these times,” said part-time employee Sue Eilers. “You couldn’t get me near that chair.”

For the uninitiated, sitting on the Throne is the ambition of most of the characters in George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire, a multi-volume fantasy series which is the inspiration for HBO’s popular series Game of Thrones. In the books and TV, the throne is made of iron swords welded together into a prickly, dangerous, and notoriously uncomfortable mass . Ours is made of paper and a wicker chair and is much more comfy.

As we are a library and not a mythical kingdom plagued by dragons and frozen zombies, we’ve taken this opportunity to put a nice display of books on the mantel above the chair… er, throne.