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Constitutional Matters

Friends of Larchmont Parks is raising money to improve Constitution Park. To help out, we’ve put a display of things constitutional in the Main Reading Room.  While most of the books are about the U.S. Constitution, we have some on the U.S.S. Constitution and its sister ships as well.

For those who like to download things, we’ve made a shelf on Cloud Library. Overdrive has many of the titles in our display. Besides books and audiobooks, you can download a television program on the Constitution from Hoopla. If you want to go further afield, Total Boox has books on Singapore’s constitution and extensively covers Canada’s. We recommend Constitutional Values and European Contract Law for insomniacs everywhere. In case Scotland ever does secede from Great Britain, Freading has A Model Constitution for Scotland.

So what good is all this knowledge about the U.S. Constitution and the U.S.S. Constitution? You can impress any neighbors you may run into at Big Truck Day or the art show and street fair on September 16. There will even be a quiz at the Parks and Trees Table on the 16th.