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Construction Update – Flux Capacitor Installation

Our fancy new stationary flux capacitor is almost completely installed. “This new technology will really set the Library apart,” said Director Laura Eckley. “Obviously our teens will find papers much easier to research as they will be able to go back in time and actually interview primary sources themselves. The quality of research should be improved as well. Nothing like the horse’s mouth, I always say.”

Eckley said judicious preinvestments aided by the flux capacitor will make fundraising for future projects a bit easier. “Nothing outrageous,” she promised. “I don’t want to create excessive time paradoxes.”

Eckley also praised Reference Librarian Frank Connelly for volunteering for the first trip. “I can’t wait!” Connelly gushed. “I’m going to join my great-aunt on the Titanic. I’ve been growing my beard out so I’ll fit in.”