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A Book Worth a Look

Jocelyn’s family has owned a Chinese restaurant in upstate NY for most of her life. Now her dad is threatening to move the family back to NYC to start over because the restaurant isn’t making money. Jocelyn desperately wants to avoid moving away from her best friend and starting at a new school for her last two years of high school. So, she is on a mission to save the restaurant.

Will needs a summer job to prove himself to his parents. When he spots Jocelyn’s flier, he jumps at the opportunity to help.  Will & Jocelyn develop a romance as they fight to save the restaurant.  Along the way they uncover family secrets, learn a lot about identity, and understand the complexities of mental health.  This is My Brain in Love is a cute, quick read with a lot of heart.  -Kim Larsen, YA Librarian