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Flood related news

This was originally going to be a post about the Oresman Gallery’s first exhibit since March 2020. The exhibitor, Roxanne Catherine Mapp, spent all day September 1 carefully hanging her paintings and they looked great. We all know what happened that night. Now our Lower Level is closed to the public and will be for some time. Roxanne’s work is currently displayed using easels and the mantel on the Main Floor. They still look great. The storm has forced some other changes here.

  • The Lower Level is closed to the Public. If you need a nonfiction book, the Librarian at the Information Desk will be glad to go down and get it. We dodged a bullet here. The water rose to within a quarter inch from the books on the bottom shelf.
  • The elevator in the main part of the Library is temporarily out of service. If you need something from the upstairs and are unable to use the stairs, please speak to the Librarian at the Information Desk. They will be happy to retrieve whatever you need.
  • Both Tutor Rooms are unavailable to the public for the foreseeable future as we need them for staff displaced from their Lower Level office. The Conference Room remains available.