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Gale Virtual Reference Library

This is for all the staying at home parents who’ve become substitute teachers and can’t resign. The schools sent plenty of assignments and links to the school library’s online resources. All well and good, but you’d like some more help. Funny you should ask, because we have some answers.

Have you looked at the Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL)? The 106 volumes it contains forms a good core collection for any library, and particularly for an online source. What topics will you find? Here’s the list.

Arts, Biography, Education, Environment, History, Law, Literature, Medicine, Multicultural Studies, Nation and World, Religion, Science, and Social Science.

The articles include bibliographies, suggested reading and the proper ways to cite them for research papers. Life just got easier

These are all available here for free anywhere in New York State as long as your computer or device is located in New York State.