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Great Podcasts for Children

Looking for something fun and educational to entertain your child? Try a pod cast.

These podcasts are free to stream on their websites. They can also be streamed (and some downloaded) using podcast player apps like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher.

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Book Club for Kids: episodes discuss popular chapter books for older readers. Recommend age: 8 – young adult

Brain’s On!: hosted by kid scientists each episode is a mini science lesson about topics that range from the history of boogers & farts to why sea turtles live so long. Recommend age: 4+

But Why: a Podcast of Curious Kids: a science and history podcast that answers kids’ questions such as “Why do the leaves change color?” and “Who invented words?”

Circle Round: folktales, fairytales, & myths from all around the world. Recommend age: 5-10

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: Bit-sized biographies of the world’s most influential women past and present. Recommend age: 6+

Julie’s Library: Julie Andrews and her daughter, children’s author Emma Walton, read popular children’s book and provide literary lessons. Recommended age: 4-10

Noodle Loaf: a musical-themed podcast that also teaches kids about science in short episodes. Recommend age: 4+

Tumble Science Podcast for Kids: an informational podcast about science and technology told through creative stories. Recommend age: 5+

What If World Podcast: explores kid’s strange questions like; “what if I had a never-ending bowl of ice cream?” or “what if a tiny dragon lived in my closet?”. Recommend age: 6+

Wow in the World: expand your knowledge with kid-friendly news stories and developments in science. Recommend age: 5-12