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In case you haven't heard…

It’s supposed to snow tomorrow. There is a very good chance we will close early if events unfold as predicted. If you plan to weather the storm snuggled up next to a nice book or in front of a movie, we suggest you stop by the Library earlier rather than later.  If we do close early we’ll post something on this page and send an email to everyone who has signed up for special announcements. 

In case you are interested, getting special announcements about closures, etc. is one of the options when you sign up for our newsletter. Our Director, Laura Eckley, has promised to restrain herself and only send out these announcements when absolutely necessary. As interesting as it may, you won’t get bombarded with emails reminding you about the next meeting of the Guilty Conscience Book Group, or Spoonman’s February 19 performance, for example.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to sign up for the newsletter and/or  special announcements. You can even choose to sign up for announcements and not the newsletter.