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It puts the holds in the basket…

One cool feature of the new catalog is the “basket.” In the old catalog, if you wanted to put holds on more than one item, you had to do each one separately. Now you can click “Add to basket” when you find something you want and then place a hold on all the titles in your basket at once. See our new and improved cheat sheet. Holds are still problematic. We believe you can’t put holds on items that are on order and if you had such a hold in the old catalog it disappeared. It may reappear, though. Other than that, please let us know about holds problems you are having. You can email Head of Reference Liam Hegarty at whegarty@wlsmail.org.

A note about apps and the new catalog. Users of the relatively new Westchester Libraries Mobile app should be fine. However, the old Westchester Catalog and even older Bookmyne apps no longer work. Delete them and add the Westchester Libraries Mobile app. The Westchester Libraries app has the nice “digital card” feature where you can tap a button and get your library card barcode right there on your phone.

Some people can’t log in to their online accounts and are getting an error message saying their password/PIN is invalid. This is due to a glitch when their account was transferred over from the old system. Call either Circulation or the Information Desk (834-2281 x.2 or x.3) and we’ll reset your pin for you.

A final note about our new and improved cheat sheet: It supplements rather than replaces our first cheat sheet. Copies of both are available at the Information Desk. Also you can check out our New Catalog FAQ page.