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Make-your-own Waffle Station a Hot Item!

When it only provided hot drinks, our new coffee bar was pretty popular. Now only the most verbose patrons

can find the words to display their happiness with our new addition, the waffle maker and batter dispensing machine. “Off the hook! Over the top!” said Jennifer Ryan. “I particularly like how the waffle batter dispenser allows me to pair the waffle mix with my hot drink choice. Nothing goes better with a piping hot Green Mountain™ India Spice Chai than a nice Quinoa, Chia and Bulgur Wheat waffle.”

“I like the candy-cane waffle with Green Mountain ™ Spicy Eggnog. It makes me think of Christmas,” said Jennifer’s youngest son, Nash Ryan.

“Chocolate all the way for me!” said Jake Ryan. “Green Mountain™ Hot Chocolate with a chocolate waffle.”

“I don’t like waffles,” said husband Bobby Ryan. “But I do love going to the library, so here I am!”

Library Director Laura Eckley said there was a brief period when patrons were uncomfortable with the waffle machine. “We made a bookmark with waffle machine instructions on one side and the Library hours on the other. It’s one of our most popular bookmarks, and that fixed that,” she said. Also popular with the patrons is the organic, gmo-free, locally sourced maple syrup. “Patrons like to know where their food comes from. The fact we’re able to give them the name of the tree the syrup came from just humanizes the whole syruping process,” she said. Aces the Acer and Acers Wild are the two most favorite trees among the kids and Four Acers is tops among adults she added..