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Massive relabeling project underway

This morning the title of every item in the Library’s brand new catalog was somehow changed to The Da Vinci Code. Every book, every music cd, every DVD, every blu-ray, every everything is now called The Da Vinci Code. “This is not a bug, it’s a feature,” said Head of Reference Liam Hegarty. “The Da Vinci Code was one of the most popular books ever written. Everybody loves The Da Vinci Code! I’m sure all our patrons will be happy to get it again.”

To avoid confusion, Hegarty ordered a massive relabeling of the Library’s collection so the labels on the books on the shelves will conform to the new title in the catalog. Predicting a completion of the task by April 15, Hegarty said, “I am so proud of the staff here. They’ve just rallied and dove right in. What a team!” Hegarty explained the task was more complicated than just slapping a new label onto a book and shoving it back on the shelf. Changing the author to “Brown” means the collection needs to be realphabetized and space must be created in the “Bs” for the newly relabeled books.

“I don’t understand why we’re doing this,” grumbled crack Clerk Sue Eilers. “Everything is going to change back tomorrow when they fix the catalog.”

“That Eilers, she’s a troublemaker,” muttered Hegarty.