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New catalog delights all the senses

One feature of the new catalog that has everyone excited is its smell. Inspired by the computer system’s name, Evergreen, the aroma exuded by computers running the new catalog has been described by superlatives ranging from alpine meadow, to redwood forest, to burning christmas tree and to New York City taxi air freshener.

Library tech guru Frank Connelly explained that hard drives running Evergreen rotate atvery specific speeds which set up harmonic vibrations in the air molecules surrounding the hard drive. Careful manipulation of those harmonic vibrations can be used to make specific smells. The computer’s cooling fan then spreads the aroma to the surrounding area. “It took a lot of fine tuning to get that wonderful Evergreen smell. Reminds me of the little Christmas tree air freshener in my Grandmother’s car. It brings back so many happy memories,” Connelly said. The pine pitch-like residue can be easily scraped off any computer’s hard drive with a single-edged razor and need not be done more than once a week, he said.

Connelly added that one of the best things about being a librarian is that he can share his enthusiasms with the whole world.