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Nobel Prize for STEM participants came as no surprise to Teen Librarian

Teen Librarian Kim Larsen gazed fondly at the little machine quietly whirring away on her desk. “I don’t care what all those so-called ‘mainstream’ physicists say, my kids deserved their Nobel Prize. They worked so hard; I just knew they were going to win,” she said. “The crybabies can wail and moan about their precious First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics but our little perpetual motion machine proved them wrong. Laws are made to be broken I always say.” Larsen refused to elaborate on how exactly the perpetual motion machine worked. “The Pentagon has asked us not to go into details,” she said.

Children’s Librarian Rebecca Teglas said she was not upset that her Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program was not included by the selection committee in Stockholm. “While our kids helped, most of the work was done by the teens,” she said. “Besides, we have a surprise up our sleeve for next year.”