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NuWav Legal Documents

Now that you’re locked up at home, you’ve decided to do something about your New Year’s resolutions. None of them are fun; your will, Power of Attorney, the Health Care Proxy that suddenly became important, things like that. The problem is, your lawyer is also locked up – er, under quarantine as well. And there’s no way to get to the library’s legal reference books to copy the forms you need.

Not quite. On the library’s homepage if you click on “Research” and then “Online Resources”, under “Business and Law” you’ll find NuWav Legal Documents. Sign in with your Larchmont library card and you’ll find dozens of documents and forms for New York State, as well as selected U.S. Court forms. The categories include estate planning, real estate, business, civil law, family law, personal finance and more. In three steps you can have the document of your choice, and tutorials are provided if you need help. As our page notes, “It may not solve your legal woes, but at least you’ll have the right form”

There you are; problem(s) solved, excuses removed.