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Our Librarians’ Favorite Buys of 2019

Soon 2019 will be but a distant memory. But before that happens, we want to highlight some of the great books we bought for the Library last year! As each Librarian is responsible for particular subjects, certain books we ordered have stuck in our minds. Making lists is another thing we do. Click on Read More to see a list of each Librarian’s four favorite buys of 2019 (along with reviews and a link to the catalog).

Library Director Laura Eckley

Since Laura is the Library Director she doesn’t actually order anything. But she is the Director, so in that sense she orders everything. If you want some more thrilling Laura, scroll down to the bottom of the page and check out her appearance on the LMCTV show, Know Your Neighbors, where she and Mamaroneck Public Library Director Susan Riley discuss “Holiday Books of 2019.”

Head of Reference Liam Hegarty

Liam buys Science, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Law (as well as Large Print, Audiobooks, eBooks and eAudiobooks).

Librarian Frank Connelly

Franks buys most of our nonfiction, including History and Biography. He’s actually on vacation right now so this is our best guess.

Librarian Paul Doherty

Paul buys DVDs as well as magazines, art, sports, graphic novels, computer books and travel. That’s a lot so he gets two slots.



Librarian Alex Gaete

Alex buys Fiction and Poetry (which she actually likes) as well as the Criticism thereof.

Librarian June Hesler

June only works here part-time now. Instead of doing everything at the Library, she now only does almost everything as well as orders Cooking and Gardening books.

Teen Librarian Kim Larsen

Kim buys all the books you’ll find in The Loft, our teen area on the top floor.

Head of Children’s Services Rebecca Teglas

Rebecca splits buying children’s books with the other Children’s Librarian, Linnea Moosmann.

Librarian Linnea Moosmann

Here are Linnea’s picks.