121 Larchmont Avenue   Larchmont, NY 10538   (914) 834-2281

Permanent temporary entrance now open permanently…

Or at least until they start painting it. For now though, patrons can avoid the Children’s Room entrance bottleneck by going around to the Village Center entrance. There you can find all sorts of goodies, such as Tax forms and program announcements. Speaking of Tax forms, while we have all the basic New York State forms and instructions. we only have the 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ forms and instructions. That is all the Federal government will send us. You can download and print other forms and schedules from irs.gov or you can request they mail you forms via an online form. Reference Librarians are ready to help you get the forms you want, although they do not have the expertise to figure out which forms you need.

In other news, Library Director Laura Eckley’ says her new permanent office outside the Children’s Room has a nice view of people walking down the sidewalk to the entrance. What is not so nice, and is, in fact, terrifying, is that people are also walking down the driveway to get to the Library. This is a very narrow and very active driveway with a blind corner. Please walk a few more steps and use the sidewalk. Stop terrifying our Director.