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Peruse in a Park, Part 3

Addison Park’s topography makes it a great place to stop and adjust your mindset as you hurtle about town completing your daily tasks. The two benches in the front of the park provide a nice overview of Chatsworth Avenue and the rest of the world hurtling about, completing their daily tasks. Towards the back of the park the ground slopes slightly away, blocking the

view of the street and its noise, from additional benches. The further back you go, the quieter it gets.

So our current display, in conjunction with the Friends of Larchmont Parks, will help you adjust your mindset too. We’ve put out a selection of books about mindfulness for all ages (but mostly adults) on the mantel in the Main Reading Room. You can check out one of the books, walk over to Addison, and zen out for hours.

The park is across the street from Chatsworth School, conveniently located next to the CVS parking lot.