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PressReader and VE Day

World War II in Europe ended 75 years ago this week. With that in mind, this week we are going to highlight PressReader. As its name implies, PressReader gives you free, at home newspapers and magazines from around the nation and the world. If VE Day sparks an interest in history, then use PressReader to read the latest issues of the U.K.’s BBC History Magazine or History of War. They both focus on VE Day this month. This writer can’t read Dutch, but he suspects Alles Over Geschiden’s article “De Laastste Dagen Von Hitler” is at least somewhat on topic. Who knew the Dane’s had so many history magazines?

If you are one of those people, and history bores you, no worries. PressReader breaks out its magazines into 28 categories ranging from Animals & Pets to Travel & Culture with groupings such as Boating & Aviation, Business, Crafts & Hobbies, Fashion, and Parenting in between. Speaking of Fashion, the Spanish, as in Spain, edition of GQ has what appears to be a father and son, both wearing masks, making PB&Js on the cover. How times have changed.

Oh yes, they have News, too. Besides magazines, PressReader carries 2,338 newspapers from around the world. If you only want to read Pulitzer worthy papers, help yourself to today’s copy of the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times or the Baltimore Sun. It may not have the Anchorage Daily News, but it does have the Nome Nugget.

Not from around here? Look for your local paper. You might find it. PressReader has 242 newspapers from the United States alone.

Getting back to World War II, try searching for “VE Day” or “Victoire 1945.” It makes for sad, but interesting, reading these days. According to the Dumfries & Galloway Standard, Britons are being urged to celebrate at home. Brittany’s Le Telegramme has similar news.

User notes: If you are using PressReader on a computer, go through the link on our webpage. Use your card number and PIN to get in. Remember, your Pin is most likely the last four digits of your phone number. You can read the newspaper or magazine in a format that approximates its physical form or you can choose the text option on the bottom left to read one article at a time. The rest of the bottom scroll acts as a table of contents. Here’s a partial screenshot:

If you are using a tablet or similar device there is a PressReader app. Just look for “Libraries and Groups.” Instead of scrolling to the end of the alphabet, type “Westchester” in the search box. Then select “Library-Westchester Library System Office” and then type in your card number and PIN. Make an account. After that you’ll get access for 30 days. Tapping in the middle of the magazine or newspaper brings up options, including the text option mentioned above.

Finally, if you find all this globetrotting exhausting and you just want to read something like the New Yorker, the Economist, Bon Appetit, National Geographic and more, check out RBdigital Magazines. Unlike PressReader, you must have a Larchmont card, though.