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PressReader brings you the world

Where can you read today’s Le Monde and tomorrow’s Geelong Advertiser? Want to practice the Kazakh you are learning in Mángo Languages? Looking for something a bit more mundane? Try the police blotter in Alabama’s Cherokee County Herald. PressReader has the Washington and New York Posts, too. Oh yes and magazines…
Q – So what is PressReader?

A –  PressReader is a magnificent kludge that provides access to over 6000 relatively current issues of newspapers and magazines from around the world.
Q– “Magnificent kludge?”

A- Yes. It is hard to find clear-cut rules on how Pressreader works. While in some ways PressReader is intuitive to use, in others it is not. This writer has been working on this FAQ for quite a while now, but he keeps finding new stuff which forces a rewrite. Therefore he has two suggestions:

  • Just jump in and start playing with it
  • Attend the program we’ll give in May (keep tuned). If May is too far, drop by with your device and a Reference Librarian will be glad to get you started.

Q– Okay, so I understand “kludge,” but you also said “magnificent.”

A- Where else can you read the Irish Times’ coverage of the Oval Office visit by the Irish Prime Minister, or Taoiseach, and his attendant press corps, on the day it was published?  It has the New Delhi edition of The Times of India and the Mumbai edition as well as 27 Hindi magazines and newspapers. It has Cosmopolitan in seven languages including Malay.

Q– “Relatively current?” Doesn’t that really mean they are all old?

A- Quite the opposite. They are all new. PressReader has nothing older than 90 days and for some publishers the period is shorter than that.

Q– How do I get it?

A- There are two basic ways to get access: by accessing PressReader via the internet at a particular location or “hot spot” which subscribes to PressReader; or you can sign in.  Just so you know, every public library in Westchester County is a hotspot. Once you’re in, then you’ll have access for one day plus 23 hours (57 hours) no matter where you are. After the 57 hours are up you have to sign in or return to a hot spot.

Q– I don’t feel like going to the library today. How do I sign in?

A- You will always find a link to PressReader on our eBooks, etc. page. Click on the link and you’ll be prompted to put in your 14 digit library card number and your pin (usually the last four digits of the phone number you provided when you got your library card). After that, you’re in for another 57 hours.

Q– I’ve gotten into PressReader, do I need to set up an account?

A- You don’t have to. However, there are a lot of features that make it worth your while. With an account, you can subscribe to a newspaper or magazine. If you want the New York Post every day, you need to set up an account. You can set up PressReader so you get articles containing keywords you pick like “leveraged buyout” or in certain categories set up by PressReader, like “business.” Once you’ve got an account you can share articles via email and/or social media. Also, your account is the third way to get into PressReader.
Q– Great, so I’m signed up, etc., but how do I use the darned thing?

A- PressReader works in two ways. If you do nothing, you’ll see a feed of articles from various sources. Users can upvote and downvote articles and that affects what you see. Still, it is a broad mix, with Washington Post articles sitting cheek by jowl with New York Post articles. The other way to use  is to read specific publications.

Q– Where do I go to search for things like a specific publication?

A- Click on the “hamburger.” That’s the three horizontal lines on the top left of the page. Clicking on it will open a menu of options. Screenshot below.

Q– I’ve clicked on the hamburger, now what?

A- PressReader allows you to sort its offerings four ways: Countries; Categories; Languages; and  Types. Countries and Languages are pretty self explanatory, but just be aware that a country can have publications in many languages. The United States, for example, has publications in PressReader from ten different languages.  Types allows you to choose between newspapers and magazines.There are 27 Categories ranging from Animals & Pets (with 27 publications) to Travel & Culture (315 publications). The largest category is News with 2341. So, if you are looking for a Turkish language yachting magazine, you would choose the Language, Turkish and the Category, Boating & Aviation. Amazingly enough, PressReader has two Turkish language boating magazines. You want to follow the news in India, but your Hindi is rusty? Search for the Country, India, the Category, News and the Language, English. You’ll find 50 different publications.
Q– But I know the name of the publication I want to read, how do I find out if PressReader has it?

A- You can search for a title in the search box. Just be aware there can be many different versions of a magazine or newspaper. For example, there are twelve different editions of Cosmopolitan in seven languages, including Malay. No United States edition, though.

Q– I’m at the page, but how do I scroll down to see more articles?

A- Actually you don’t scroll down. You scroll across. If you are on a computer, hold the mouse button down and drag the articles. If you are on  a smartphone or a tablet, just swipe.

Q– I’m still confused. How do I get more help?

A- Stop by the Library and our Reference staff will be glad to help you. Or you can set up a time by emailing Liam Hegarty (whegarty@wlsmail.org) or call him at 834-2281 x 114.

Q– I’m thinking of making some prudent investments. Through what magic does PressReader get articles that are published tomorrow?

A- International Dateline, mate.