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Great Courses: America’s Founding Fathers

Thursday, November 18

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Thursday, November 18th at 11:00 am. Great Courses, in collaboration with Smithsonian, presents a deep dive into the creation of the US Constitution as it actually happened. Using the Founding Fathers as a lens through which to examine the early political history of the United States, you will better understand both the document under which Americans live and the people who brought it into being.  For those of you who were not attending the series in the library pre-COVID you can still join us. If you wish you can view the prior episodes on Kanopy, but this is not necessary in order to participate in the discussion.

November 18: Hector Saint John de Crevecoeur’s Americans (Episode 29) Timothy Dwight’s Religion (Episode 30) James McHenry’s Army (Episode 31)

Suggested Readings: (Episode 29) St. John de Crevecoeur. Letters From an American Farmer… (Put a hold on book) (Put a hold on book in Hoopla) (Episode 30) Gaustad, Edwin & Schmidt, Leigh.  The Religious History of America. (Put a hold on book) Ratner-Rosenhagen, Jennifer. The Ideas That Made America.  (Put a hold on book) (Episode 31) Robbins, Karen. James McHenry, Forgotten Federalist. (Put a hold on book in Hoopla)