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Since we are not requiring proof of vaccination, Masks are required at all times in the Library.

We have been able to move some staff back into their flood damaged office. This has allowed us to make the Top Floor Tutor Room temporarily available. However, we will need the room again starting March 9. Do not reserve it after that date. As for the other rooms, we are hoping to get everyone back in their offices by early to mid-Spring and will make them available at that time.

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Some reservable spaces may combine two or more physical rooms and aren't available if any of the single rooms that make them up are already reserved.

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Village Center
Occupancy: 330
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September 2019
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Please include any set up and clean up time you need in your reservation. Any times marked Unavailable on the schedule are for staff only.

*Rooms are available to reserve no more than 180 days from today's date.
*Rooms are available to reserve 1 day after today's date.

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