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So Where’s the Village Center Anyway? (& other questions)

As the news spreads of our move to temporary digs in the Village Center, enough patrons have been asking these questions that we feel it necessary to make a post answering them. All are guaranteed genuine.

– Where is the Village Center anyway?

– The Village Center is actually part of the same building the Library is in now underneath the Burchell Children’s Room. Technically, though, it is not part of the Library but rather is under the control of the Village. Activities you may have done there include Friends of the Larchmont Public Library Sunday afternoon programs, voting, Village Board or Committee meetings, and movies. Click on the handy map above and you can’t miss it.

Q – Will there be comfy chairs in the Village Center?

A – Absolutely. We will also have newspapers and current editions of our periodicals so you can have something to pretend to read while you are relaxing in said comfy chairs.

Q – What will your hours be during the renovation?

A – Same as now.

Q – Will you be laying off staff during the renovation?

A – No. All full time staff will keep their jobs and part-timers will keep the same hours. Besides providing much of the same services as we do now, we also have various projects we’ve been saving for this time.