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Take a bite out of Mango Languages

For some reason, our online language learning has never been a big hit. This should change, however, with the recent acquisition of Mángo Languages by the Westchester Library System. Not only can you learn over 70 languages, you can also have a little fun.So, to help you get started we’ve created this little FAQ.

Q – What makes Mángo so special?

A–  Here are just a few reasons:

  • It is extremely portable. You can use it on your computer or on any portable device such as a smart phone or tablet. Once you create an account, Mángo will keep track of your progress, so you will always start up where you left off no matter what device you are using. That way, if you don’t mind the stares, you can practice your French pronunciation while waiting on line at the grocery store.
  • You can work on your pronunciation. When Mángo teaches you a new phrase or word, you can listen to Mángo pronounce it and then record yourself trying to repeat it. You can then play back the correct pronunciation and hear your attempt right after. This works great on your phone while waiting on line at the grocery store.
  • Each lesson is very short. This allows you to practice during the odd spare moments life presents, like waiting on line at the grocery store. This helps you feel like you are making progress.
  • Where appropriate, there is an “understood/literal” button. This allows you to see what idiomatic expressions would be if they were literally translated into English and also what the phrase is understood to mean.
  • There are special modules which cover culturally unique events or situations. These include: Arab Etiquette; Feng Shui (in Mandarin Chinese only, no Cantonese); Horse Race in Sienna; and Soccer Celebration (Brazilian Portuguese).

Q – So how many languages can I learn?

A – Right now, Mángo covers 72 languages, ranging from American Sign Language to Yiddish.

Q. What if I want to improve my ability in a Language I already know? Do I have to start at the beginning?

A– Not for most popular languages. Using a computer, log into Mángo and open the language you wish to improve and look for a button that says “Take Placement Test” at the bottom of the page. Mángo will then start you at the appropriate level. This option is not available on the Mángo apps used for phones and tablets.

Q – What about learning English?

A – Yes English is one of the 72 languages. Mángo tailors its English lessons to 21 different native tongues ranging from Arabic (Egyptian), to Bengali, to Greek, to Hmong to Russian and to Vietnamese.

Q– Can I learn any dead languages?

A– Of course. Mángo has courses in Biblical Hebrew, Latin and Ancient Greek.

Q– How about nonexistent languages?

A– Only Pirate.

Q – So how do I get started?

A – Click on this link (it will open in a new page or tab). Before you get to Mángo, you will be prompted to put in your 14 digit library card number and your pin. Your pin is most likely the last four digits of the phone number you provided when you got your card. Once that is done you’ll be taken to Mángo’s login page.

Q – It’s asking for an email or a username and password. What should I put in?

A– If this is your first time visiting Mángo, you don’t have a username or a password. You can create an account or “profile” as Mángo call it by clicking “create one,” or you can just click on “Guest Access.”

Q– So should I create a profile or is Guest Access good enough?

A– If you just want to look around to see what Mángo has to offer, Guest Access is fine. You can always create an account later. If you are going to begin learning a language, then you should set up a profile. That way, Mángo will keep track of your progress.

Q– I’m not too good with all this computer stuff. Is there somebody at the Library who can help me?

A– Reference staff is always happy to help. Call 834-2281 x. 3. Or you can drop by with your device and we’ll see what we can do. You can also set up a time for uninterrupted personalized help by calling Head of Reference Liam Hegarty at 834-2281 x114 or emailing him at whegarty@wlsmail.org.