121 Larchmont Avenue   Larchmont, NY 10538   (914) 834-2281

Telephone reference to begin Monday, March 23

  • Telephone reference starts Monday. It will be available every weekday from 10am to 4pm. Call 914-734-5362 and a librarian will answer. We are handling this from our homes so be patient if a dog starts barking or a child starts crying. Also, we don’t have a system for handling messages left at that number. Do not leave a message. If you want a librarian to call you, email larchmontlibrary@wlsmail.org. Also, since we are all working from our homes, we cannot answer any of the regular library numbers.
  • In other news, we’ve modified our home page slightly. Look on the right hand side of this page. All of our downloadable services are right there. Our doors may be closed, but these services are available 24/7.