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The 2020 Summer Reading BINGO Final Report

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s Summer Reading BINGO. Congratulations to all the winners!  We especially want thank businesses that have generously donated to one or more of our past summer reading challenges including: Andersons Larchmont; Apiary; Coriander; Larchmont Wine & Liquor; La Parisienne French Bakery; Post Wines & Spirits: and Wine Gems.  This year the Library

returned the favor and supported them by purchasing a prize for Summer Reading BINGO.

This was the first year it was ever done exclusively online and we feel it was very successful.  The most popular reading category was biography with 18% of the total books read. This was followed by historical fiction and mystery at 16% each, literary fiction at 13%, history, sci-fi & fantasy, and short stories at 11% each, travel at 6% and essays at 3% of the total books read. Thanks again to everyone who played and we will see you for next year’s adult summer reading game.